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By Titu Andreescu

This booklet is meant to assist scholars getting ready for all rounds of Mathematical Olympiads or the other major arithmetic contest.

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1 SMTP dialog between client and server. com... " on a line by itself Subject: Hi Hello There! 1 closing connection From the example dialog, it’s clear that this protocol is a simple command/response protocol using simple text. Applications in the Embedded Domain SMTP is a surprisingly useful protocol for embedded systems. As we’ll see later in Chapter 6, it can be used as a command protocol in which commands are embodied by e-mail messages. SMTP handles its own reliability by attempting to deliver an e-mail repeatedly over as much as a few days until it arrives.

We now have a socket connected between the mail server and us. All transactions over this socket, provided that we're connected to an SMTP server, will use the SMTP protocol. Recall that SMTP is a command-response protocol in which a command is issued and the server responds with a numeric response code. Given this pattern, the dialog function was created to model the SMTP transactions. The dialog function takes three parameters: the socket, a command string, and a response code string. The command string is the command that we're issuing to the SMTP server and the response code string is the string-coded numeric string that we expect from the server for successful operation.

Therefore, the dialog function allows the three forms of communication. 1, our client issues the commands that are expected by the server and ends with the end-of-mail indicator and finally a QUIT command to close the connection One other point to note is the use of the do { } while(0); construct within sendMail. At any point in our dialog, communication can break down which results in the closure of the connection and an error return to the user. This particular construct permits us to implement a basic goto structure without the ugly goto appearing in our code.

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