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By Robert H. Thurston

This number of literature makes an attempt to collect some of the vintage, undying works that experience stood the attempt of time and supply them at a discounted, reasonable expense, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can get pleasure from them.

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The pipe Al is used for the purpose of keeping the upper side of the piston covered with water, to prevent air leaks- a device of Newcomen. Two gauge cocks, c c, and a safety valve, 19 are represented in the figure, but it will be noticed that the latter is quite different from the now usual form. Here, the pressure used was hardly greater than that of the atmosphere, and the weight of the valve itself was ordinarily sufficient to keep it down. The condensing water, together with the water of condensation, flows off through the open pipe tv.

The old type of engine-the steam engine as a simple machine-had been given as great a degree of perfection, by the successive improvements of Worcester, Savery, and Desaguliers, as it was probably capable of attaining by any modification of its details. The next step was necessarily a complete change of type; and to effect such a change, it was only necessary to combine devices already known and successfully tried. But little is known of the personal history of Newcomen. His position in life was humble, and the inventor was not then looked upon as an individual of even possible importance in the community.

I Savery then fitted his apparatus into a small vessel, and exhibited its operation on the Thames. The invention was never introduced into the navy, however. It was after this time that Savery became the inventor of a steam engine. It is not known whether he was familiar with the work of Worcester, and of earlier inventors. Desaguliersu states that he had read the book of Worcester, and that he subsequently endeavored to destroy all evidence of the anticipation of his own invention by the marquis by buying up all copies of the century that he could find, and burning them.

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