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Presents accomplished insurance of the categories of discount rates gone through through a few of the sessions of natural chemistry. Discusses mark downs based on what bond or practical workforce is diminished through various reagents. offers certain realization to selective discount rates which are compatible for the relief of 1 specific form of bond or functionality with out affecting different bonds or capabilities found in an identical molecule.

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Willhalm, Tetrahedron Letters, 1964, 3775. 184 M. S. de Bouchberg, J. Allegrini, C. Bessiere, M. Attisso, J. Passet, and R. Granger, Riuistu Ital. , 1976, 58, 527. lS5 Pesticide Science, 1976,7, issue 3. la6 'Synthetic Pyrethroids', ed. M. Elliot, ACS Symposium Series, Volume 42, Washington, American Chemical Society, 1977. N. F. S. Perkin I, 1977, 1878. M. Horiba, A. Kobayashi, and A. Murano, Agric. and Biol. Chem. (Japan), 1977, 41, 581. I. Camoni, E. Chiacchierini, A. di Domenico, R. Iachetta, and A.

Vol. 6, p. 29) include hydration of 2,6-dimethylocta-2,6-dieneand of 2,6-dimethylocta- 1,6-diene2” and hydrative cyclization of the dihydromyrcene (63; X = H), O ’ 271 272 273 274 275 S. Godtfredsen, J. P. Obrecht, and D. ), 1977, 31, 62. Y. Yamada, H. Sanjoh, and K. S. Chem. , 1976,997. D. V. Banthorpe and P. A. S. Perkin I, 1977, 114. B. C. , C. C. Radford, Tetrahedron, 1977, 33, 2187. A. J. Pearson, Austral. J. , 1976,29, 1841. K. Tanaka and Y. Matsubara, Nippon Kugaku Kuishi, 1977,514. Monoterpenoids 29 predominantly to (78) (2,6,6-trimethylcycloheptanolis a minor cationic resin-catalysed condensation of limonene (via a -terpinene-see Vol.

2 632 220 (Chem. , 1977,87,38 877). P. C. Traas, H. J. Takken, and H. Boelens, Tetrahedron Letters, 1977, 2129. R. Van Helden and A. J. De Jong, Ger. Offen. 2 652 202 (Chem. , 1977,87,67 845; the abstract has an obvious formula misprint). Y. Ichikawa, M. Yamamoto, and T. Yamaji, Jap. P. 75 015/1976 (Chem. , 1976,85, 177 693). 0. S. Park, Y. Grillasca, G. A. Garcia, and L. A. Maldonado, Synrh. , 1977,7, 345. Chan, N. Cohen, J. P. DeNoble, A. C. , and G . Saucy,J. Org. , 1976,41,3497. N. Cohen, W.

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