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A Synopsis of melanoma: Genesis and Biology specializes in learn into the genesis and biology of melanoma, together with starting place of tumors, pathology and unfold of melanoma, and degenerative alterations.
The e-book first bargains info at the nature of melanoma and melanoma unfold, together with degenerative alterations, destructive results, starting place of tumors, direct and lymphatic unfold, and non-vascular implantation unfold. The textual content then takes a glance on the common concerns and gastric melanoma; geographical pathology of melanoma in Africa; and geographical and occupational pathology of dermis melanoma.
The e-book ponders on spiritual customs, conventional practices, and social conduct and occupational tumors of the urinary passages. issues contain scientific positive factors, websites of tumors, hyperlink with spontaneous bladder melanoma, carcinoma of the bottom of the tongue and the tonsils, and melanoma of the penis. The manuscript additionally examines the melanoma of the lungs, latency and cocarcinogenesis, and hormones and mammary melanoma.
The textual content is a responsible reference for readers drawn to the research of melanoma.

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G. (I960), 'Cancer Incidence in the Bantu and "Cape Coloured" Races of South Africa. Report of a Cancer Survey in the Transvaal (19531955)', J. natn. , 24, 589. C 2 34 AETIOLOGY—INCIDENCE Morbidity Rates, continued. —PRIMARY CASES. ANATOMICAL SITE AND S E X (Harriett, 1952) M[ALES No. Nasal cavity Paranasal sinuses Nasopharynx Tonsil Pharynx Intrinsic larynx Trachea Lung Mediastinum Thymus Thyroid Lip Mouth Tongue Salivary glands Oesophagus Stomach Small intestine Colon Rectum Anus Liver Gall-bladder and bile-ducts Pancreas Kidney Adrenal Bladder Prostate Testis Penis Breast Ovary and Fallopian tubes Cervix uteri Corpus Vagina Vulva Skin Sarcoma of soft tissue Sarcoma of bone Brain Spinal cord Eye Ear Metastatic cancer Totals 6 57 27 114 284 114 7 842 20 4 21 155 277 247 24 395 856 12 408 850 15 11 33 134 81 11 315 383 63 67 23 — — — — — 662 112 65 132 9 29 — 152 7017 Per cent 009 0-81 0-38 1-62 405 1-62 010 1200 0-29 006 0-30 2-21 3-95 3-52 0-34 5-63 12-20 017 5-81 12-11 0-21 016 0-47 1-91 115 016 4-49 5-46 0-90 0-95 0-33 — — — — — 9-43 FEMALES No.

Health, Tohoku University School of Medicine. Japan: Sendai. , and Kurihara (1962), Cancer Mortality for Selected Sites in 24 Countries (1958-1959). Ibid. X Berman, C. (1955), 'The Aetiology of Primary Carcinoma of the Liver with Special Reference to the Bantu Races of Southern Africa', S. Afr. med. , 29, 1195. 42 GEOGRAPHICAL PATHOLOGY Tables of 'High' and 'Low' Mortality-rates, continued. in the realm of pure speculation. A consideration of cancers of par­ ticular organs provides an appreciation of the value of geographical pathology, an insight into methods of study, and clues to its obvious potential in terms of pathogenesis and prophylaxis.

As has been noted, rates of incidence and prevalence contain relatively few errors. Two examples of tables of these less fallible figure will serve to indicate their usefulness. On the basis of reports of cancer morbidity in New York State, Goldberg and others* have deduced the probability of developing cancer. Their figures are reproduced in Table III. The table is of importance, not only for its picture of the probable incidence of cancer generally, b u t also for the particular organs affected.

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