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S. "8. (< H) coffin, box. 56 GLOSSARY (Gr. ) 1g6f. pl. ) way, road (also figuratively). Pr ba- in the manner of, as in Am. 4,Io. a'rd (Gr. ), 2) because, 3) when. Var. B ~ Y NAm. 4,13fs, same form throughout TP, pointed in Fr. var. g, Gza. g. Translation of H '3. m. lion. crib Is, 1,3, 5 u-. Af. (Gr. ) I) to be long (days, time) impf. y& Ex. 20,12, gns yb-, Dt. 6,2: Ps. as T, to stay long, to wait Ex. 24,14, 2) to live long, lit. to prolong (days) Dt. 11~9. (Gr. ) Aramean Dt. 26,5. (cf. ~ 1 9lifting, ) raising in % W Y ~ da'.

Gr. 238) as if Ex. z4,11. (H) God. 54' GLOSSARY (Gr. 238) if not. Eliab, Dt. 11,6 Gza. Ea 12 alef w. sere. p~(Gr. ) these. Eleazar, Dt. 1o,6 Gza. Ea 12 il-. (Gr. ) Pe. e/a to learn Is. , f Pa. to teach Dt. , Is. 2,3, inf. alZ0'fe"(Gr. ) Ex. 24,rz. Af. to learn Is. , f 77'8. Ithpa. to be taught, to learn Is. 2,4 w. a', z a. (Gr. 128) thousand cstr. pl. Ex. 6, gns S . med. (Gr. 79) instruction, study. , s. '1'. (Gr. -Dt. 11,27 : Neo. '7 cf. M. abbreviation for a'lsn? NYlN Am. 4,13 K. immd (Gr. -Gn.

Zoo) m. man, human being, in several manuscripts including gns Gza. and in Ps. regularly spelled KW3qK, the first syllable being pointed with sere in ns Gza. (n also segol) and ba,tef segol in g, also V r N Am. 4,13 K. Cstr. sg. -Gn. 1,26 Ps. as E, Neo. Fr. m 13 lit. son of man. (Gr. 181,194, cf. ~ n n xwife, ) lit. marriage Gn. 2,22 n. (Gr. ) healing, restoration to health Gn. 3,6. (cg. YY) wood, wooden material Dt. 3. (Gr. ) I) also, 2) introducing a question Gn. 3,I 1 (< H). cstr. appd (Gr. 136) m.

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