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By Les D. Maloney

A note Fitly Spoken explores major poetic units in the 4 alphabetic acrostic psalms present in e-book I of the Psalter. nearly all of scholarly opinion has been that those acrostics are poetically and artistically poor a result of writers’ and editors’ preoccupation with the alphabetic trend. not like this view, A observe Fitly Spoken proposes that the acrostic development contributes to, instead of detracts from, the poetic artistry of those psalms. to be able to advertise a holistic, canonical examining of the 4 acrostic poems inside of ebook I of the Psalter, this research additionally examines the linguistic and grammatical connections in the textual content. this sort of shut analyzing again and again demonstrates the emotive energy and the mind's eye of this literature in contradiction to its supposedly stiff, wood nature. A observe Fitly Spoken is attuned to the widespread performs on be aware and sound that happen all through those 4 poems and as such will be worthy in graduate classes on biblical interpretation, Hebrew poetry, or the Psalms.

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I respect the decades of work done in the form-critical classification of the individual psalms. This research will be recognized and built upon throughout this study, for such form-critical work is foundational. The focus of this study, however, lies along a different path. The present study does not wish to determine whether or not Ps 9/10 is a Thanksgiving Psalm or a Lament. This study wishes rather to understand the rhetorical and poetic power and function of certain poetic devices used within these acrostic poems.

Then in his chapter on mixed genres he dates Pss 9/10 and 119 as later than 500 BCE (postexilic) based upon their form. ”84 Gunkel’s presupposition that the main genres are ideal and totally distinct (“unmixed”, pure) is striking and has of course been challenged over the years. 86 Mowinckel refuses to write a detailed (chronological) history of ancient Israelite psalmography because of the lack of firm dates. 87 His focus upon the acrostic psalms, however, is mostly concerned with issues of dating.

95 David N. 96 As noted earlier, his focus on the acrostics is not to discover their poetics, but instead, he uses them as a tool to determine the average line length of an ancient Hebrew poem in his dogged search to define the rules of ancient Hebrew meter. 97 The focus here, however, is not on poetic or rhetorical “independence” but upon metrics. 98 Seybold, Hanson, Soll, and Davison In his engaging introduction to Psalms, Klaus Seybold makes several observations about poetic art in the Psalter and about the alphabetic acrostic poems in particular.

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