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In the Operations column type enter the name of each of the following methods: inputName, inputOwner, inputAddress, inputCity, inputState, inputZip, outputCompanyInfo. 2007 04:47:44] Using Visio to Create UML Charts Select C#::void as the output for the first six of these operations and C#::string for outputCompanyInfo. You should now see something like the following graphic: Once the names are in, click the OK button.

In most texts today, the authors state that a well structured program has no GOTO. g. COBOL, BASIC, C, and even C++ all have a GOTO and some people use this command when structured programming techniques do not seem to solve the problem at hand. Even C# has a GOTO command as well. However be very careful if you use it in your work. ● While it is true that some of the languages you may encounter will have nonstructural constructs, you should learn these techniques because you will find that when used properly, they improve your software development and when it becomes necessary to violate the structured programming rules, you will understand why you would take this direction and you will understand the consequences of this deviation.

2007 04:47:42] An Example of the 5 Phases What types of functions for Sales? ❍ input date (month, day and year) ❍ input sales ❍ modify sales ❍ output sales date ❍ output sales amount for a particular account ❍ output sales for the date UML data type description: Sales:Date -dailySales[5]:float +inputSalesAmounts(dayNumber: int, amount: float ) +modifySalesAmount(dayNumber: int, amount: float ) +showSalesAmount(number:integer):float +showSalesAmounts( ) The above listing is not a complete analysis, so ask yourself: What other ADTs would be needed?

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