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Autrum, H. and von Zwehl, V. (1962). Die Sehzellen der Insekten als Analysatoren fur polarisiertes Licht. Z. verEI. Physiol. 46. 1-7. Baker, H. D. (1963). Initial stagesof dark and light adaptation. J. opt. Am. 53, 98-103. Barlow, H. B. (1952). The size of ommatidia in apposition eyes. J. exp. Biol. 29, 667-674. Battersby, W. S. and Wagman, I. H. (1959). Neural limitations of visual excitability. 1. The time course of monocular light adaptation.

Cosens for allowing us to quote from his unpublished work. REFERENCES Autrum, H. (1950). Die Belichtungspotentiale und das Sehen der Insekten (Untersuchungen an Calliphora und Dixippus). Z . vergl. Physiol. 32, 176-227. Autrum, H. (1961). Die Sehscharfe pigmentfreier Fazettenaugen von Calliphora erythrocephala. Biol. Zbl. 80, 1-4. Autrum, H. and Gallwitz, U. (1951). Zur Analyse der Belichtungspotentiale des Insektenauges. Z. vergl. Physiol. 33, 407-435. Autrum, H. and Stumpf, H. (1950). Das Bienenauge als Analysator fur polarisiertes Licht.

Cosens). A, Position of electrodes; upper electrode tip just inside cornea; lower electrode tip in alternative positions (i) distal and (ii) proximal to the basement membrane, bm. B, Records obtained in response to 3-min period of illumination with lower electrode first at (i), then at (ii). drifts back to its initial level. Recent work in this laboratory (Cosens, unpublished) has indicated that the off-transient in the locust eye originates in the optic lobe rather than in the ommatidial zone.

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