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Seydoux, J. and Clausen, T. (1968). Membrane potential of brown adipose tissue. J. gen. Physiol. 52, 925-940. Goldberg, A. L. and Singer, J. J. (1969). Evidence for the role of cyclic AMP in neuromuscular transmission. Proc. natn. Acad. Sci. A. 64, 134-141. Greenberg, M. J. (1 960). Structure-activity relationships of tryptamine analogues on the heart of Venus mercenaria. Brit. J. Pharmac. 15,375-388. Handler, J. , Butcher, R. , Sutherland, E. W. and Orloff, J. (19651, The effect of vasopressin and of theophylline on the concentration of adenosine 3’,5’-phosphate in the urinary bladder of the toad.

11. The effect of insulin anFlYgues, vasopressin, oxytocin, thyrocalcitonin, adrenocorticotropin and 3 ,5 -cvclic AMP on the uptake of Ca2+ by monomolecular films of monooctadecyl phosphate. Biochim. biophys. A c t a 193, 117-123. Kakiuchi, S . and Rall, T. W. (1 968a); The influence of chemical agents on the accumulation of adenosine 3 ’ 3 -phosphate in slices of rabbit cerebellum. Molec. Pharmac. 4, 367-378. Kakiuchi, S. and Rall, T. W. (1 968b). Studies on adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate in rabbit cerebral cortex.

CONCLUSION Comparison of the mode of action of 5-HT in Calliphora salivary glands with that of many other hormones reveals numerous similarities. External chemical stimuli responsible for regulating cellular activity may thus share a common mode of action. The various differences which are apparent today may represent modification of this basic mechanism developed during the course of evolution to adapt cells systems t o new environments. The main feature of this control system concerns the transduction of hormonal information arriving at the cell into internal chemical signals which can be recognized by the various effector mechanisms responsible for carrying out the actions of the hormone.

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