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By Peter McMylor

This publication is the 1st complete size account of the importance of Alasdair MacIntyre's paintings for the social sciences. MacIntyre's ethical philosophy is proven to supply the assets for a robust critique of liberalism. His tradition is noticeable because the concept for a serious social technology of modernity.

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At this stage of MacIntyre’s thought, capitalism seems to both heighten this division but also to create the material conditions to resolve it. He suggests capitalism provides a form of life in which men rediscover desire in a number of ways. They discover above all that what 22 MACINTYRE—CHRISTIANITY AND/OR MARXISM? 46 MacIntyre finds in his Marx no trace of a means-ends morality characteristic of Stalinism, but the notion of a real but developing essential human nature. He interprets this to mean that human conduct is not merely to be judged by its effectiveness in bringing communism closer, but that in your behaviour now, you to some degree embody the human nature which communism will fully realise.

60 Modern capitalism is a form of institutionalised life that can be destructive of the virtues, marginalising and relegating them to small areas of human activity. It is the concept of a practice that enables MacIntyre to keep Aristotle’s teleology, without his so-called metaphysical biology. Practices find their place in life shared with others, but the role of the virtues is not limited to distinct practices. MacIntyre argues that virtues sustain individuals and communities in very different situations and practices.

72 The third response is to attempt to maintain the connection between Christian orthodoxy and the wider secular culture. But how is the connection maintained when the sceptical assumptions of that culture are so deeply embedded that close connection would seem to lead inevitably to secularisation even if the outward forms of religious practice are maintained. It would seem that the only viable response for someone in this position is to attack the dominant culture as wrong or false. K. Chesterton.

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