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Iii, the conspiratorial banquet scene, the host does not disrupt the meal or beat up his guests with the weapon al ready in his pocket. To 50 'Ubu roi' emphasise the fundamentally scatological nature of Ubu, Jarry takes hirn off to the lava tory and brings hirn back with the 'unmentionable brush in hand [which hel huris at the gathering'. Although the text makes no mention of a sceptre, the 'unmentionable brush' is obviously the most appropriate regal emblem for the usurper. Again, in the famous scene just after Ubu's accession, when he destroys all the institutions of the state by sending the nobles, judges and bankers down the hatch into the slaughter chambers to be debrained, he does not use his stick to attack his victims but calls for an array of ludicrous and indescribable objects: 'the chest for Nobles, and the boat-hook for Nobles, and the slasher for Nobles and the account book for Nobles' (UP, p.

Jarry says, 'The action takes place in Poland; a legendary and dismembered country which is precisely Nowhere, or at least a far away questionable somewhere' (Uhu, p. 337). The time is equally vague. The text of the play gives no 45 Alfred Jarry and Guillaume Apollinaire clue to any period in any country's history. When describing the costumes, Jarry remarks that 'they should preferably be modern, since the satire is modern and shabby, because the play will seem even more wretched and horrifying' .

The army tried to stop them, but failed. The soldiers opened fire and killed nine people, among them two children, and wounded another sixty. A similar tragedy had been described in Zola's Germinal (1885). Such bloody events, perpetrated in the name of justice and order, have since become so commonplace that further examples are quite superfluous. Ubu, King of Poland and savage executioner of his Polish subjects, was indeed a man of his, and our, time. In 1892 the anarchist Ravachol dynamited two buildings before he was guillotined.

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