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When they tried to speak to Warhol, however, they found conversation was difficult for the Tina Fredericks recalled that in all shy artist. the years she knew Warhol, she never had a "real" conversation with him. "^^ Warhol began wear- He would eventually own several hundred wigs in all colors. One of the most commonly recognized ones was a long, unruly silver gray hairpiece that was usually worn slightly off to one side. Warhol would always be self-conscious about his looks. He began working out at a local ing wigs to hide his baldness.

Warhol's response was simply to cover the enormous Warhol's work felt picture with silver paint. During that summer, Warhol shot another movie, As with his other films, Warhol hardly Empire. touched the camera. He merely focused it on the Empire State Building from eight at night until twothirty in the morning. The movie was shown at the Bridge Cinema, and most members of the audience either booed or threw objects at the screen. Yet several months later, Warhol won Film Culture magazine's award for contributions to film.

He first made a slide of the image, then projected the image onto white canvas. Next, he took black paint and traced over the image, ignoring any drips or splatters. When Emile de Antonio, an agent for artists, saw one of Warhol's six-foot canvases of a black and white Coca-Cola bottle, he described it as "remarkable. It's our society, it's who we are. " Not everyone agreed with de Antonio's assessment of Warhol's work. The agent's wife felt her husband was wasting his time on Warhol. But de Antonio said later, "Andy was blindingly ambitious.

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