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They own it, but they can't take credit for it," he said. "I was upset, because 'internal politics' is why I was let go. I went to my patent lawyer, and he said 'Ben, don't worry about it. If it works, the United States government says you invented it. " Eastlund gave a vivid picture of how energetic those electrons are. "The electron that hits your TV screen is moving at 25,000 electron- volts. When it gets more than a half-a-million, that's when you call it relativistic. , quoted with permission from Dr.

Studies about microwave energy and microwave ovens were done in the 1970's and '80's, he noted, but since then the bulk of the environmental studies have focused on 60-hz transmission lines. ' There hasn't been any kind of study on that, and that's going to be such a detailed involved intensive study that it's not going to be done in the near future. " Manning swore quietly into her tape recorder. " She didn't ask the question aloud, because she wanted to hear as much as possible from the next speaker - the president of APTI.

With this, the people controlling the antennae could aim in such a way that the return beams would hit a certain part of the earth. With the heating ability, they could experiment until they could control wind patterns in a specific place. The Omni article explained. "What this means, he says, is that by controlling local weather patterns one could, say, bring rain to Ethiopia or alter the summer storm pattern in the Caribbean. " Not every scientist shared Eastlund's eagerness to experiment with the ionosphere.

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