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The Dead Sea Scrolls After Fifty Years: A Comprehensive Assessment

This quantity is the second one in a chain released to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the invention of the 1st scrolls at Qumran. The two-volume set encompasses a finished diversity of articles masking themes which are archaeological, ancient, literary, sociological, or theological in personality. because the discovery of the 1st scrolls in 1947 an huge variety of reports were released.

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For example, vinyl esters are an excellent barrier coat for fiberglass boats and acrylic spas. Vinyl ester corrosion coatings are used everywhere today for steel tank linings and industrial flooring. In dual laminate structures, a vinyl ester is often the back up for exotic thermoplastics or the superior corrosion barrier for lower cost polyesters in many FRP tank and pipe applications. The growth of vinyl esters has also been boosted by their excellent handling characteristics and ease of cure.

3 summarizes a comparison of FRP properties of various thermosetting resin types versus carbon and stainless steel. 2 EFFECT OF PROCESS AND END USE REQUIREMENT There is an old saying in the FRP business that heightens awareness of the fabrication process. Simply, ’you can select the best resin and fiberglass in the world and if you don’t put them together correctly - failure will probably result’. Material selection added to design and production requirements leads to a determination of the fabrication process.

Early workers on unsaturated polyesters soon learned that despite the possession of reactive double bonds, these resins were sluggish in reacting with themselves. Even with effective catalysts, they still required high temperatures and lengthy cure times to complete the cross linking reaction. The key to modern day application of unsaturated polyesters was the discovery by Carlton Ellis in 1937l that the addition of reactive monomers, such as styrene, gave mixtures that would copolymerize many times faster than homopolymerization.

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