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By Andrew Norman

Within the yr 1900, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was once on the top of his luck as a physician, a sportsman, a author of old novels, a champion of the oppressed and, so much particularly, the writer of that honorable, courageous, and eminently good grasp detective, Sherlock Holmes. each new Holmes tale was once greeted with nice anticipation and self assurance within the wisdom that, even if advanced the crime, the supremely clever and logical detective may resolve it. yet in 1916 Conan Doyle shocked his readers through stating that he believed in Spiritualism. And while, in 1922, he released a publication within which he professed to think in fairies, his devotees have been extraordinarily non-plussed. How may the guy who invented the ultra-rational Holmes declare to think in whatever as imprecise and unproven because the paranormal? Andrew Norman delves into either Doyle’s scientific files and his writings to resolve the secret.

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