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By Richard Buddin, Phuong D. Do

What are the factors, nature, and volume of cash difficulties within the junior enlisted strength?

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But to understand how they are being talked about requires a process of interpretation. The causal path from facts on the ground to policy outputs runs through actors and institutions—the people who make policy and the institutions within which they do so. These people and institutions are discussed in chapter 2. Sometimes the connection is straightforward. Sometimes it is distorted by cognitive factors (misinformation, miscalculation), perceptual factors (erroneous guesses about others’ motives), and value commitments (preferences for values besides security) or by institutional habits and structures, domestic political needs, and leadership shortcomings.

Their skill at doing so has some disadvantages, such as drawing attention to China as America’s primary potential rival. But its advantage is to produce more deference from other countries than China’s objective power resources warrant. China’s power, however, if sometimes overhyped, is no illusion. It was not China’s weakness but its burgeoning strength that the late leader Deng Xiaoping instructed his colleagues to hide when he gave the four-character instruction, “taoguang yanghui” (Hide our light and nurture our strength).

Although Japan, Korea, and Vietnam borrowed some parts of their written and spoken languages and some Confucian beliefs from China, they do not consider themselves in any sense Chinese. The other neighboring cultures—Russian, Mongolian, Indonesian, Indian, and others—have even less in common with China. None of the neighboring states perceives that its core national interests are congruent with China’s. All the larger neighbors are historical rivals of China, and the smaller ones are wary of Chinese influence.

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