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By K. Baberschke, M. Donath, W. Nolting

The interesting phenomenon ferromagnetism is way from being totally understood, even though it definitely belongs to the oldest difficulties of strong nation physics. For any research apparently recommendable to differentiate among fabrics whose spontaneous magnetization stems from localized electrons of ?lled atomic shell and people within which it's as a result of itinerant electrons of ?lled conduction band. within the latter case one speaks of band-ferromagnetism, prototypes of that are the classical ferromagnets Fe, Co, and Ni. the current booklet is a standing document at the awesome development that has lately been made in the direction of a microscopic figuring out of band-ferromagnetism as an electron c- relation e?ect. The authors of a number of the chapters of this booklet “Band-Ferromagnetism: Ground-State and Finite-Temperature Phenomena” participated as chosen - perts within the 242nd WE-Heraeus-Seminar (4-6 October 2000) held below nearly an analogous identify in Wandlitz close to Berlin (Germany). It was once the second one seminar of this kind in Wandlitz. (The ?rst in 1998 handled the complementary subject of the physics of local-moment ferromagnets akin to Gd). Twenty-six invited spe- ers from ten di?erent international locations including ?fty-?ve extra contributors, who offered contributions in type of posters, spent 3 days jointly discussing in an enthusiastic and fertile demeanour the recent subject matters of band-ferromagnetism.

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Open symbols correspond to spin-orbit-coupling-only, full symbols to SO+orbital polarization(OP). The grey area on the x-axis indicates the uncertainty of the c/a-ratio from LEED measurements [22]. This uncertainty can be projected on the y-axis, depending on SO-only or SO+OP calculations. It results in an anisotropy energy of the order of 100 µeV/atom, which agrees nicely with the experiments [23]. Bain path, see the chapter by O. Eriksson in this book). Hjortstam et al. 3). 1). This calculation shows very nicely that K increases dramatically by orders of magnitude, 32 K.

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