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Yance Jr – “Squalene possesses antiviral as well as anticancer activity. ” Beat the Bird Flu Virus Summary of Top Items Foods: Garlic Ginger Shiitake mushrooms Cruciferous vegetables Aloe vera Berries Onion Vitamins: Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin E Minerals: Zinc Selenium Herbs: Echinacea Olive leaves Astragalus Mints St. John’s Wort Calendula Licorice Lomatium Lemon balm Lapachol Green tea Cat’s Claw Grapefuit seed extract Products: Jenny Lee A-V Arcozon Sambucol Una de Gato Hydrogen peroxide Mushroom Optimizer Illumination Spirulina Shiitake Mushroom Supreme Astaxanthin 27 Beat the Bird Flu Virus Why theWorld Isn’t Ready for the Coming Influenza Pandemic, World Health Organization Warns A global influenza pandemic isn’t something that most people think about on a day-to-day basis.

Furthermore (and perhaps even more importantly), the world is not at all prepared to manufacture and distribute enough vaccines to protect the global population from the coming pandemic. Health officials can’t even get flu shots distributed without creating a near-panic in the population. Imagine the fear and confusion that would be created by a killer virus: a flu pandemic. So what kind of viral strain is expected to strike the world next? Probably a variation of the bird flu virus, or a particular strain known as H5N1, which right now exists in other species but is expected to make the cross-species jump and end up in humans very soon.

My immune system function is so high that if I am offered a vaccine, I plan to refuse it. I’m absolutely confident in my own body’s ability to fight off even highly infectious diseases, and I would rather that vaccine shot go to someone else who doesn’t have the advantage of consuming superfoods and following a strategy of outstanding nutrition and lifestyle changes that I have been pursuing 30 Beat the Bird Flu Virus for several years. It doesn’t mean I won’t catch the virus, nor that I won’t spend several days in bed overcoming it, but when a strong immune system is combined with selected vitamins and herbs, as well as plenty of sleep and a lack of stress, the human body is capable of overcoming practically any disease.

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