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By Charles J. Rzepka

Widely recognized because the crime fiction author whose paintings resulted in the flicks Get Shorty and Out of Sight, Elmore Leonard had a different knack for growing "cool" characters. In Being Cool, Charles J. Rzepka seems to be at what makes the dope-dealers, bookies, grifters, monetary advisors, expertise brokers, shady lawyers, hookers, versions, and crooked law enforcement officials of Leonard's international cool. they are nefarious, yet also they are convinced, expert, and composed and cope with out attempt or notion. and they're reliable at what they do. Taking being cool because the street via Leonard's existence and works, Rzepka unearths lots of byways to discover alongside the way.

Rzepka delineates the levels and styles that represent Leonard's artistic evolution. Like jazz greats, he cast anyone writing variety instantly recognizable for its voice and rhythm, together with his characters' rat-a-tat recitations, curt backhands, and ragged trains of concept. Rzepka attracts on greater than twelve hours of non-public interviews with Leonard and applies what he realized to his shut research of the writer's lengthy lifestyles and prodigious output: forty five released novels, 39 released and unpublished brief tales, and various essays written over the process six a long time.

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