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By Isaac Kalimi, Peter J. Haas

This quantity includes fifteen essays categorised in 3 significant sections.  a few of these essays elevate theoretical and methodological concerns whereas others specialize in particular topics.  The time span levels from past due biblical interval to the present.  the quantity displays the present considered a few of the significant students within the box in numerous shapes and contexts in addition to from a number of views: inner-biblical, qumranic, New testomony, a number of rabbinic literature (targumic, midrashic, halachic, and Medieval kabalistic), and a few smooth interpretation. 
The essays displays the modern considered many of the premiere students within the box of biblical exegesis from a number of standpoints, flow the biblical exegesis way past its traditional limits, and improve the data and deeper the knowledge of the readers.


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Sanh. 54b). 40 In effect, rabbinic interpretations attribute halachic rules to the deuteronomic interdiction of cult prostitution which were never intended by the author of the biblical verse. (8) One of the most progressive examples of deuteronomic legislation is: “Parents shall not be put to death for (offenses committed by their) children, nor shall children be put to death for parents; a person shall be put to death only for his own crime” (Deut 24:16; cf. 2 Kgs 14:6//2 Chr 25:4). While God may indeed visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation (Exod 20:5; 34:7; Deut 5:9),41 an earthly court must judge each person according to his or her own deeds.

In contrast, a corrupt society as well as a cruel enemy disrespects even aged people (Deut 28:50; Isa 3:5; Lam 4:16; 5:12). 37 This rendering is also reflected in other Aramaic translations, notably in Targum Neofiti and Targum Pseudo-Jonathan. However, this rendering nullifies the biblical ethic, according to which one should respect and rise before any aged person, and not only a Torah scholar. On the other hand, the Rabbis felt that they had to strengthen their position in Jewish society. ” Indeed, in his cult reform in 622 BCE, Josiah, king of Judah, abolished this cult entirely (2 Kgs 23:7).

The Liturgical Press, 1994), 93. ” See M. : The Liturgical Press, 1994), 223; and cf. E. G. : The Liturgical Press, 1998), 55. 10. Cf. A. B. Ehrlich, Mikrâ ki-Pheschutô. Vol. 1, Divrei Torah (Berlin: Poppelauer’s, 1899), 178, 343, and also see p. 358. 1 KALIMI Targumic and Midrashic Exegesis 17 Near Eastern codes, such as the laws of Ur-Nammu (the founder king of the third dynasty of Ur in Sumer; ca. 2112–2095 BCE) and the laws of Eshnunna (ca. 1800 BCE). : limb) of [another man with his…], he shall pay ten shekels of silver.

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