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By Eugene E. Carpenter

A Biblical Itinerary is devoted to George Coats, former Professor of outdated testomony at Lexington Theological Seminary, Kentucky and writer of uprising within the desert, From Canaan to Egypt, and Moses: Heroic guy, guy of God, and different books. The essays accrued right here, reflecting a lot of George Coats's pursuits, contain 'Structure and which means within the Sinai-Horeb Narrative' (Joseph Blenkinsopp), 'Biblical and Early Islamic Moses' (Malcolm Clark), 'What Does the Bible Say? a query of textual content and Canon' (David Gunn), 'On the duty of outdated testomony Theology' (Rolf Knierim); 'Scripture and the Formation of Christian id' (Roy Melugin); 'Some Reflections at the Canonical Moses: Moses and Abraham' (Rolf Rendtorff), and different papers by way of Trent Butler, Eugene chippie, James Crenshaw, John Roffey, Lawson Stone, Gene Tucker and John Van Seters.

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53. Newby, Making, p. 126. 54. 133). Famine is listed but this could be read as either a separate plague or a summary of the effect of the flood. Interestingly, certain aspects of this narrative explication in the Sirah of the Qur'anic reference sound almost like Greta Hort's rationalist explanation of the plague sequence in 'The Plagues of Egypt', ZAW 69 (1957), pp. 84-102. 12 refers to 'nine (clear) signs' given to Moses. The Sirah attributes the number nine to the addition of staff, hand, destruction and sea to the above list of five (not counting famine as a separate plague).

Genesis, pp. 3-4. 27. Coats, Genesis, p. 4. 28. Coats, Genesis, pp. 5-10. BUTLER Narrative Form Criticism 47 conservative evangelical scholars have distanced themselves somewhat from form criticism as a quote from a recent Introduction shows: In labelling patriarchal narratives 'sagas' or the narratives of Joshua 'etiologies', form critics exercise great influence on interpretation, for with these identifications comes the implication that these narratives are of less historical value. As with source criticism, the difficulties lie in the speculative nature of the results and the neglect of the final form of the TO text.

49. Wendland, 'Genre Criticism', p. 411. Ljungberg, 'Genre and Form Criticism', p. 420. Ljungberg, 'Genre and Form Criticism', p. 421. Ljungberg, 'Genre and Form Criticism', p. 429. BUTLER Narrative Form Criticism 53 criticism as an attempt to identify one stage in the history of a definite text, and, indeed, the original, oral stage of the history of the text. This is done to maintain the clear distinction between methodological steps. One would hope that scholarship would take more seriously Richter's lead in seeking to find methodological steps whose results can be verified and whose work takes seriously the literary text before jumping too quickly to theoretical stages and generalizing theories.

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