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By Nicholas Johnson, Eirik Sønneland

Johnson’s savagely humorous [book] is a grunt’s-eye view of worry and loathing, conceitedness and madness in a dysfunctional, dystopian closed neighborhood. It’s like M*A*S*H on ice, a bleak, black comedy.”—The Times of London

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3 illustrates how these can be translated into natural frequencies in order to facilitate deriving the positive predictive value. Understand that the goal of screening is not simply the early detection of disease; it is mortality reduction or improvement of quality of life. That is why no professional group currently recommends the test (in fact the American College of Chest Physicians now recommends against routine CT screening). Treatment Understand that treatments typically have benefits and harms.

Shown are two ways of calculating the probability that a woman who tests positive in mammography screening actually has breast cancer (positive predictive value). 27) ethics committees, focusing their attention instead on stem cells, abortion, and other issues that invite endless debates, have not yet noticed. We’ll start with survival. Even if the time of death is not changed by screening—and thus no life is saved or prolonged—advancing the time of diagnosis in this way can result in increased 5-year survival rates, causing such statistics to be misleading.

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