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Ordinary items play an quintessential and ongoing function in selling a variety of elements of clinical development, and lots of facets of uncomplicated study courses are in detail regarding normal items. the importance, hence, of the stories in normal Product Chemistry sequence, edited by means of Professor Atta-ur-Rahman, can't be overvalued. This quantity, based on prior volumes, provides us with state-of-the-art contributions of serious significance.

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43 Me I+ I- -t Li+ (43) 8. R = Me HOCH, -Q HOCH, -' 225'C ~ R\L IR' 0 2 (45) 28 29 S. A. Bone, S. Trippett, and P. J. S. Perkin I , 1977, 80. Hellwinkel and W. Krapp, Chem. , 1977, 110, 693. 31 Quinquecoualent Phosphorus Compounds Me e 2 0‘om Et Me Me (47) A kinetic investigation of the reaction of the phospholens (47) with diethyl peroxide in various solvents supports a mechanism involving rate-determining biphilic attack of the phosphine on the peroxide followed by rapid fragmentation of the resulting p h o ~ p h o r a n eA .

Cowley and R. S. Chem. , 1977, 1 1 1 . J. A. -V. Roschenthaler, and R. Schmutzler, 2. , 1977, 32b, 599. T. Kawashima and N. Inamoto, Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan, 1976,49, 1924. W. Zeiss, Angew. Chem. Internat. , 1976, 15, 555. 35 QuinquecovalentPhosphorus Compounds - M e F o R,NP-NSiK, I I R,SiN-PNR, + (MeCO), R = Me I ‘0 ‘P-NSiR, RN , I’ Me I N-PNR, R, Si (34) 0 , ) RzN Me: Me R . f-- Me,P-PMe, II + HF FCC1, Me,FP-NSiMe, I L c NSiMe, (Me, Si),N Me,SiN (37) Me (Me3si)2N,p/N\ \ yp=NSiMe, + MeN=P(NMe,), t Me, SiN-PFMe, __t a,/ P(NMe2)3 Me, SiN SiMe, (38) (37),25 and (38),26 the first penta-aminophosphorane.

C. Falk, J. Org. , 1976,41, 2928. S. -C. Lkpine, G. Aranda, and G. S. Chem. , 1976, 747. R. Neidlein and R. Mosebach, Arch. , 1976, 309, 707 (Chem. , 1977, 86, 106479). E. T. Michalski, M. Pakulski, and A. Skowronska, TetrahedronLetters, 1977, 2019. g. ~~ With phosphorus trichloride and triethylamine in dimethylacetamide these acids give the phosphoranes (86). H 47 48 49 S. A. Bone, S. Trippett, and P. J. S. Perkin I, 1977, 437. M. Brazier, D. Houalla, A. Munoz,and R. S. Chem. ,1976,730. B. Garrigues, A.

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