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S. Software available: Full range of Executive, compiler and applicational programs for eg. F O R T R A N I I , F O R T R A N I V , A L G O L and C O B O L . Master Control P r o g r a m e , Inventory Control System. Systems Analyst S e r v i c e : Burroughs Systems Analyst to guide and advise on all facets of installation. Programming S e r v i c e : Not A v a i l a b l e . General Comments: l / o devices Connected to l / o channels through 32 Input & 32 Output points. Two switching networks the central exchange and the l / o exchange.

T Speed Magnetic Tape Disk F i l e 2 0 0 / 8 0 0 / 1 4 0 0 c. p. m. 100/300 c . p . m. 5 0 0 / 1 , 0 0 0 c. p. s. 100 c. p. s. p. m. 9 k, 36k, 72k bytes (9channel) or 9, 25, 36 kc (7 channel) 18,50,72 k/c A v . Access 20 m/s Type Speed M1CR Readers Tape L i s t e r Supervisory Printer T y p e w r i t e r Inquiry 1565 docs, per min. 1565 I. p. m. 10 c h / s e c . Up to 120 on line, fully buffered. Up to 6, 000 on line, fully buffered. yPe C a r d Readers C a r d Punches P a p e r Tape Reader P a p e r Tape Punch Line P r i n t e r s Magnetic Tape Cluster T e l e p r i n t e r Inquiry Software Available: Basic 6/ Advanced Assemblers Report Generator Cobol Compiler Sort " Operating System U t i l i t y Routines Systems Analyst S e r v i c e : Burroughs Systems Analysts guide and advise on all facets of Installation Planning.

500/1000 c. p. s. 100 c. p. s. 815 I. p. m. 9, 18, 25, 36, 50, 72, 144 kc's F r o m 1 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 bytes Type Speed Data Memory Bank 20 msecs access time 100 million bytes. Access time 23, 40, 60 msecs. MICR Readers Tape L i s t e r s Supervisory Printers 1560 docs/min. 1, 600 I. p. m. 1. 5 c. p. s. Master Control P r o g r a m . Burroughs Inventory Control System. C O B O L , F O R T R A N , A L G O L , r e - e n t r a n t code. Burroughs Systems Analysts guide and advise on all facets of Installation.

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