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By Philip A. Crowl

Eightvo, [23cm/9inches], complete pictorial covers sans airborne dirt and dust jacket, -as issued, pp. xx, 505 listed. Illustrated with b-w halftones in addition to maps.

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Generally, however, weather conditions offered no serious obstacle to military operations. The climate is mild and healthful. Mean temperature on Saipan varies between a January maximum and minimum of 81° F. , respectively, and June values of 85° F. and 75° F. Guam, being a hundred miles closer to the equator, is somewhat warmer and more humid but not enough so to make any significant dif- ference. The summer months constitute the rainy season, during which the total precipitation is from 80 to 86 inches.

On that date Maj. Gen. Tomitara ing war in the Marianas had started. It Hori, who commanded the South Seas would not formally end for another two Detachment, a unit of about 5,500 Army years and nine months. Within three hours of receiving this troops, received his orders. He was to assemble his forces in the Bonins in Novem- command, Japanese planes bore down on Guam and bombed the American oiler Capt G. J. McMillin, U S N , to CNO, 11 Sep Barnes in the harbor. Next they turned 45, sub: Surrender at Guam to the Japanese; their attention to the patrol boat Penguin, ONI 99, p.

Another radical change in the disposition of the entire Central Pacific area occurred as the result of World War I. Japan, having emerged successfully from her recent war against Russia and being anxious to expand her commercial and military influence throughout the Orient and its adjacent waters, was quick to seize the opportunity of a European war to realize her own imperialist ambitions. As one of the Allied Powers, Japan contributed her share to the ultimate downfall of the German Empire by seizing the Carolines, the Marshalls, the Palaus, and the Marianas (except, of course, Guam) in the first year of the war.

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