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208 Bindlish and Evenson, Evaluation of the Performance of T&V Extension in Kenya No. 209 Keith, Property Tax: A Practical Manual for Anglophone Africa No. 214 Bonfiglioli, Agro-pastoralism in Chad as a Strategy for Survival: An Essay on the Relationship between Anthropology and Statistics No. 218 Mohan, editor, Bibliography of Publications: Technical Department, Africa RegionJuly 1987 to December 1992 No. 225 Dia, A Governance Approach to Civil Service Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa No. 226 Bindlish, Evenson, and Gbetibouo, Evaluation of T&V-Based Extension in Burkina Faso No.

There are an estimated 5 to 10 million war orphans and numerous child soldiers traumatized by observing or directly participating in mass violence. Approximately 20 million landmines render vast proportions of fertile agricultural lands unproductive and prohibit the free movement of persons, goods, and services. 2 billion in 1987 to US$297 million in 1994, poverty, inequality and ethnic discrimination continue to fuel civil unrest and undermine the authority of the state in several African countries.

We hope that our Bank colleagues working in war-torn countries both in Africa and other regions of the world, our donor and NGO partners, and our client countries benefit from this report as they design, implement, and evaluate DRPs. KEVIN CLEAVER DIRECTOR TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT AFRICA REGION Page xv ABSTRACT A successful demobilization and reintegration program (DRP) for ex-combatants is the key to an effective transition from war to peace. The success of this first step following the signing of a peace accord signals the end to organized conflict and thereby provides the security necessary for people affected by war to reinvest in their lives and their country.

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