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By Nicole M. Le Douarin (auth.), Ira B. Black (eds.)

A valuable challenge in neurobiology issues mechanisms that generate the professional­ chanced on variety and specificity of the anxious procedure. what's the substance of diversification and specificity on the molecular, mobile, and platforms degrees? four How, for instance, do 1011 neurons every one shape nearly 10 interconnec­ tions, permitting general physiological functionality? How does disruption of those methods bring about human illness? those court cases symbolize the efforts of molecular biologists, embryologists, neurobiologists, and clinicians to method those matters. during this quantity are grouped through topic to offer the forms The chapters of equipment used to method every one person region. part I bargains with embry­ ogenesis and morphogenesis of the fearful process. In bankruptcy three, Weston and associates describe using monoclonal antibodies that realize particular neuronal epitopes (including particular gangliosides) for the aim of defining heterogeneity within the neural crest, an incredible version process. Immunocyto­ chemical research finds the lifestyles of distinctive sUbpopulations in the crest at super early levels; cells show neuronal or glial binding styles on the time of migration. for that reason, interactions with the surroundings may well choose for predetermined populations. Le Douarin reaches related conclusions in bankruptcy 1 through examining migratory pathways and developmental potentials in crest of quail-

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In contrast, the ventral group of migrating cells reaches the ventrolateral region of the branchial arches. Most give rise to mesectodermal cells (see Le Lievre and Le Douarin, 1975), but some remain in contact with the epibranchial placodes, and together they form the trunk (distal) ganglia of cranial nerves VII, IX, and X (geniculate, petrosal, and nodose), the neurons of which are derived from the placodes. In these ganglia, neuronal potentials of the neural crest are therefore not expressed, since the crest derivatives give rise to satellite cells exclusively.

Graft of Dorsal-Root Ganglia DRG cells contributed mainly to the DRGs and to the sympathetic ganglia, although some quail cells were also found in adrenomedullary cords and in the adrenal and aortic plexuses. In the DRGs, the majority of quail cells appeared as large neurons and supporting cells. In none of the cases was the host DRG predominantly composed of quail cells, as it was when a piece of trunk crest was implanted (Fig. 10). Associated formol-induced fluorescence and Feulgen-Rossenbeck techniques applied to the host embryos showed fluorescent quail cells in the sympathetic ganglia and plexuses and in the adrenal medulla, whether the graft was of sensory or autonomic origin.

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