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By Jan Herman Brinks

This is a robust research of the expansion of definitely the right wing in a reunited Germany. atmosphere this in its ancient context, and particularly within the context of the top of the chilly warfare, the writer examines the implosion of communism and of the expansion of xenophobia and right-wing politics in glossy and modern Europe. The backdrop of twentieth century German heritage and of Germany’s place because the ecu nearby super-power make this booklet an extremely very important and topical contribution.

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We trumpet what Kohl and Vogel say. We practise jovial journalism. ’10 There were a number of policy-makers who had reservations about rapid German unification because of its negative consequences. The president of the Bundesbank, Karl-Otto Pöhl, described the introduction of the Deutschmark in the new Federal territories as a ‘failure’ and resigned in 1991. Meanwhile Chancellor Kohl remained optimistic. ’ In October of that year he went so far as to maintain that East Germany would be a ‘blossoming landscape’ within a few years and he maintained that he knew ‘dozens not to say hundreds of entrepreneurs’ who were ‘on the point of investing in the new Federal territories’.

6 However, racist agitation in East Germany does not date from the collapse of the Wall. A considerable time before this turning point, young East German right-wing radicals agitated against Turks (Kanaken), Africans (Kohle) and Vietnamese (Fidschis). Russians and Poles were not spared this fate either. The aggression of these right-wing radicals was also focused on ‘left-wing swine’, homosexuals and punks – in short, against everyone who in their eyes had an ‘un-German’ appearance. There was also resentment against Jews, which resulted in some desecration of Jewish graves.

At least these young right-wing radicals had the nerve to rebel against the state and the party: most citizens did not have this kind of courage. Shortly after the collapse of the Wall, the aggression and intolerance spread throughout the GDR. In an informal conversation in 1990, a minister from the transitional government of the East German prime minister, Hans Modrow, gave a number of examples. There appeared to be, the politician maintained, a constant stream of bomb alerts and death threats to members of the government and their families.

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