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By Norman L. Geisler

Popular apologist Norman Geisler deals readers a scientific method of figuring out significant worldviews and provides either the explanations and the equipment for protecting the claims of Christianity. This next-generation variation of a vintage paintings has been up to date all through and contains 3 new chapters. issues lined comprise deism, theism, Christ's authority, and the foundation of the Bible.

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Logic can demonstrate what is only possibly real, not what is actually real. Second, there are no rationally inescapable arguments for the existence of God because it is always logically possible that nothing ever existed, including God. , my own existence is undeniable). But even here there is no logical necessity that I exist. My nonexistence is logically possible, as is that of the whole world and God. And if there is no logically necessary basis for either my existence or that of anything else, then it is not logically necessary to conceive the existence of anything, including God.

They maintain, rather, that the rational is only the possibly real, but that the rationally inescapable is the actually real. Mermaids are possible realities, since there is no contradiction in the concept or thought of them. But God is an actual reality for a rationalist because it would be a contradiction to deny his existence. An Evaluation of Rationalism Rationalism has some obvious virtues. We will first attend to these. Valuable Strains in Rationalistic Thought 1. One of the more basic contributions of rationalism is its stress on the undeniability of the basic laws of thought.

So he is not a good example of fideism, which he is often claimed to be. The Alleged Fideism of Blaise Pascal (1623–62) Pascal’s famous statement is, “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of” (No. 277). [49] This is often held out as evidence of his fideism. However, Pascal’s alleged fideism turns out to be more of a reaction to Descartes’s rationalism. He lived in a France drunk with the wine of Cartesian rationalism and increasingly drifting to deism. Pascal sensed an accelerated tendency to reject God’s revelation in favor of human reason.

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