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By Jurrien Mol

Following an in depth research of Ezekiel 18 and 20, this e-book deals a redefinition and a brand new theoretical foundation for the idea that of company character. This concept is for this reason utilized to Ezekiel 18 and 20 to research the collective and person positive aspects.

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1995 (5–6). See id. 1994 (266). Pace Zimmerli 1969a (393), who drops the preposition ‫ ִמן‬before ‫ ֶא ַחד‬. Pace Allen 1994 (266). Cf. Rom 5:18. See Zimmerli 1969a (394). Pace Dijkstra 1986 (167). v. ‫ גַּ ם‬8. 45 Thus, the opposition between the father and the son is again indicated. 7 and 16, and 33:15 it is proposed to read ‫גְּ זֵ ָלה‬. With ἅρπαγμα the LXX also has a singular. By maintaining the MT, this plural may be understood as a plural of strengthening or generalization, see GKC §124e; JM §136j.

The reading of the LXX ἐν τοῖς υἱοῖς where the MT reads ‫ ַא ְד ַמת‬, should be taken as the lectio facilior as a result of harmonization with other places, where the LXX reads υἱοὶ Ισραηλ (3:1; 4:3; 12:24; 27:17; 44:28; cf. 11 The reading of the LXX should therefore not be followed. ‫ ַא ְד ַמת יִ ְשׂ ָר ֵאל‬is unique to Ezekiel (seventeen times) and does not occur outside of Ezekiel in the MT. The use of ‫ ַא ְד ַמת‬creates a strong bond to the geographical territory, which covers Israel. 13 7 See Zimmerli 1969a (392).

See Aalders 1955 (299). v. 4. v. ‫דּם‬:ָ “3. bloodguilt (oft. ; distinction from §2 not alw. clear) . . ” Cf. v. ‫ ָדּם‬: “2. bloodshed, blood as shed by violence (sg. or pl. (. ” 53 See Cooke 1936 (203); Zimmerli 1969a (391); Greenberg 1986 (323). 5 we might translate here: ‘But suppose that . ’ Cf. Allen 1994 (264). 54 The form ‫וַ יִּ ְר ֶאה‬, though it occurs, see GKC §75t (cf. JM §79m), is used less for the third person masculine singular (cf. 28). 3. Against the emendation of the MT, as it has come down in the codices Leningradensis and Aleppo, pleads the less common ‫ירא‬ (1:22; 2:6; 3:9; 11:8).

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