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By Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt

This best-selling atlas presents clinical, dental, allied health and wellbeing, and biology scholars with a great choice of histology photos for all the significant tissue sessions and physique structures. it is a concise lab atlas with suitable textual content and constant structure presentation of photomicrograph plates. With a convenient spiral binding that permits ease of use, it includes a full-color paintings application comprising over 500 high quality photomicrographs, scanning electron micrographs, and drawings. Didactic textual content in each one bankruptcy contains an advent, scientific Correlations, review, and bankruptcy Summary.

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Brush border. Small intestines. Monkey. Plastic section. ×540. • Cell Surface Modifications The cells lining the lumen (L) of the small intestine are columnar cells, among which are numerous mucus-producing goblet cells (GC). The columnar cells’ function is absorbing digested food material along their free, apical surface. To increase their free surface area, the cells possess a brush border (BB), which has been demonstrated by electron microscopy to be microvilli—short, narrow, finger-like extensions of plasmalemma-covered cytoplasm.

11/14/2012 7:19:40 PM THE CELL be a causative factor). Usually, infection by herpes simplex virus displays the presence of painful blisters that discharge a clear fluid, form a scab within a week or so, and disappear. During this episode, the genital area in females is painful and urination may be accompanied by a burning feeling. However, if the affected region is the cervix or the vagina, the pain may be much less severe. indd 11 11 When the blisters break, the fluid within them is filled with HSV and the individual is infectious.

44,265. • Nucleus and Cytoplasm, Electron Microscopy The nucleus (N) displays its nucleoplasm and chromatin (c) to advantage in this electron micrograph. indd 26 envelope fuse to form nuclear pores (NP). The RER is richly endowed by ribosomes (r). Note the presence of numerous mitochondria (m), whose double membrane and cristae (Cr) are quite evident. indd 27 11/14/2012 7:21:30 PM 28 THE CELL PLATE 1-7 FIGURE 1. Nucleus and cytoplasm. Liver. Mouse. Electron microscopy. ×20,318. • Nucleus and Cytoplasm, Electron Microscopy This electron micrograph of a liver cell displays the nucleus (N), with its condensed chromatin (c), as well as many cytoplasmic organelles.

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