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By Peter T. Bobrowsky, Hans Rickman

Leading experts in numerous disciplines have been first invited to a multidisciplinary workshop funded by way of ICSU at the subject to realize a greater appreciation and viewpoint almost about comet/asteroid affects as seen by way of various disciplines. This quantity offers an important hyperlink among a variety of disciplines and comet/asteroid impacts.

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0 mm. d Photomicrograph as in (c) but with crossed polars. The biotite is still birefringent but the quartz and feldspar are isotropic, as they have been metamorphosed to diaplectic glasses by the shock wave, while retaining their original morphology completely different from that in impact events. Stishovite and coesite have only rarely been produced by laboratory shock recovery experiments (Stöffler and Langenhorst 1994). For terrestrial impact structures in crystalline targets, such polymorphs generally occur in small or trace amounts as very fine-grained aggregates and are formed by partial transformation of the host quartz.

Although, it should be noted that most impacts generate S-perturbations in the Earth’s atmosphere, as it is a chemical component of asteroids and comets (Fig. 7; Kring et al. 1996; Kring 2003). Secondary contributions to the atmosphere (soot from fires and additional NOx and Cl from burned vegetation) would have compounded the environmental damage. At locations far from the Chicxulub impact, there would be an increase in temperature, as the reaccreting ejecta heated the atmosphere (Melosh et al.

Third Inter Conf Large Meteorite Impacts, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, abstract 4029 Maher KA, Stevenson DJ (1988) Impact frustration of the origin of life. Nature 331:612–614 Masaitis VL (1998) Popigai crater: origin and distribution of diamond-bearing impactites. Met Planet Sci 33:349–359 Melosh HJ (1989) Impact cratering: a geologic process. Oxford University Press, New York Melosh HJ (2004) Indirect physical effects of comet and asteroid impacts. Paper presented at the ICSU Workshop on Comet/Asteroid Impacts and Human Society, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

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