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By C. J. Cherryh

Whilst the kif grab Hilfy and Tully, Pyanfar and her shipmates input right into a easy rescue try out that quickly turns into a perilous video game of interstellar politics. Reissue.

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Stsho seek a way to prevent humankind from going through their space. -against mahendo'sat, who would wish to bring humans through at our backs, for reasons not lost to us. How quickly Keia distracted me when I mentioned stsho negotiators! But we know. To gain a foothold at Meetpoint, mahendo'sat route humans through tc'a space. Unwise. Vastly unwise. Stsho will not tolerate this any more than the other-and the very possibility of a human route approaching their territory or even their neighbor and ally tc'a-agitates them beyond rationality.

Ships lacking the stsho's obsessively pacifist tendencies. There were the methane-breathers, for one large instance. It was a trap, of course. They had suddenly lost the rhythm of things and kept the kif's schedule, for a prize the kif still held. No kif ever yielded anything without gain. IV An eerie quiet persisted on the docks. doubtless a few such were not visible at all; and there were two more Ehrran crewwomen stationed up inside the ramp, guarding The Pride's airlock and accessway. Less ominous and more, a solitary, AP-wearing mahendo'sat slouched her way up to her captain in specific.

All right. Return him now. You'll get talk. You'll get something more. " There was long, long silence. "Ah. Promises. Another hani term. Some hani put sfikvalue on a promise. Mahendo'sat are another matter. I will keep this human. To assure good behavior. But for your promise I will give you one of mine"I get him back. Alive. " "There's no kif word for promise. When -your allies are here. " Wrinkles chained up and down the kif's dark snout, limned in light. "I do tell you truth. You should thank me, hani.

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