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By Hazrat Inayat Khan

Gathered sayings from unique resources with background.

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Etc . ) We live in the life of change, but we seek that which is constant . It is this search after constancy which has brought man back to God . If it was not for this desire man would not have discovered the God Ideal . a) Two sentences in the lec- Every being has a definite vocation, ture 'On Vocations', and his vocation is the light which 1920 , known to have been illuminates his life . copied from Nuria Best's The man who disregards his vocation is a lamp unlit . handwriting but only available in type .

At every step of evolution, man's realization of God changes . evolution his 1st ed . "The Bowl of Verily he is victorious who has Saki" - 17th March . conquered himself . Note : For origin, complete elaborations and different versions, see Sayings I : "Gayan" - Sura 21 . 8), in Joyce Burnett's handwriting . and morally speaking, prayer is the greatest virtue and the only way of being free from all sin . b) The same sentence as under a ) in an unidentified handwriting . Also oublished in the Magazine 'Sufism' of March 1922 .

The Bowl of Saki" - 8th March . You cannot be both horse and rider at the same time . a) Part of a sentence in the lecture 'Truth', 13th May 1921, in Nuria Best's handwriting . Jones's handwriting . It is more important to find out the truth about one's self, than to find the truth about Heaven and or hell, c) A typewritten copy . It is more imoortant to discover the truth about self , than to find out the truths of Heaven and hell . d) 1st ed . "The Bowl of It is more important to know the truth Saki" - 9th March .

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