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7). Cl– e Atom OH Ionically Bonded Molecule Ion Ionization – OH H+ H Ionization 31 Simple Things of Life OH– H+ H+OH– e– dissociation H+ Acids are ionically bonded molecules which when placed in water dissociate into hydrogen (H+) ions. Bases or alkaline substances have a slippery feel on the skin. They have a caustic action on living tissue, changing it into a soluble substance. A strong base is used to react with fat to make soap, giving soap its slippery feeling. Bases are also used in certain kinds of batteries, that is, alkaline batteries.

Genes are specific messages that tell the cell to link particular amino acids in a specific order; that is, they determine a polypeptide’s primary structure. The kinds of side chains on these amino acids influence the shape that the polypeptide forms. Many polypeptides fold into globular shapes after they have been made as the molecule bends. Some of the amino acids in the chain can form bonds with their neighbors. The string of amino acids in a polypeptide is likely to twist into particular shapes (a coil or a pleated sheet), whereas other portions remain straight.

We usually represent this attraction as three dots between the attracted regions. This weak bond is not responsible for forming molecules, but it is important in determining how groups of molecules are arranged. 9 left). Because of this, individual water molecules are less likely to separate from each other. They need a large input of energy to become separated. This is reflected in the relatively high boiling point of water in comparison to other substances, such as rubbing alcohol. 9 right). Enger−Ross: Concepts in Biology, Tenth Edition © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2002 Cells: Anatomy and Action SUMMARY All matter is composed of atoms, which contain a nucleus of neutrons and protons.

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