Download Configuring IPCop Firewalls: Closing Borders with Open by James Eaton-Lee, Barrie Dempster PDF

By James Eaton-Lee, Barrie Dempster

This publication is an easy-to-read advisor to utilizing IPCop in a number of assorted roles in the community. The ebook is written in a really pleasant kind that makes this advanced subject effortless and a pleasure to learn. It first covers uncomplicated IPCop ideas, then strikes to introduce uncomplicated IPCop configurations, prior to protecting complex makes use of of IPCop. This e-book is for either skilled and new IPCop clients. an individual attracted to securing their networks with IPCop - from these new to networking and firewalls, to networking and IT execs with past event of IPCop. No wisdom of Linux or IPCop is needed.

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Read or Download Configuring IPCop Firewalls: Closing Borders with Open Source: How to setup, configure and manage your Linux firewall, web proxy, DHCP, DNS, time ... VPN with this powerful Open Source solution PDF

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In Manhattan, Kansas, where he designs, implements, and fixes computers and networks for small businesses. His networking career spans 15 years, and has included UNIX, Linux, Novell, Macintosh, and Windows networks. Kyle stumbled upon IPCop while looking for a replacement for a broken firewall appliance. Since then, he has installed it for several clients. He remains active on the IPCop-user mailing list. Lawrence Bean fell out of Computer Science and into Music Education in his sophomore year of college.

Stevens are generally considered to be the authoritative source on the topic. The ISBN number for the complete set is 0-201-77631-6, and it can be found at any good major bookstore or online book retailer. How Networks are Structured Whether you know it or not, the chances are that any network that you use is build on top of IP, Internet Protocol. IP and the protocols that are built on top of it (such as TCP, UDP, and ICMP, all of which use IP datagrams) are the foundation of almost every network presently deployed.

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