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By H. Askari

This publication analyzes the origins of conflicts and wars within the Persian Gulf, assesses the typical factor(s) which have been their crucial gasoline, determines their fallout for the political, fiscal, and human improvement of the quarter, and gives perception into how they are greater contained.

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2 In support of their contention, the followers of Ali offer a number of prophetic pronouncements or sayings (hadiths), and in particular two of these: one at Ghadeer Khumm, commonly referred to as the Hadith of the Pond of Khumm, and the other known as the Hadith of the Gathering (Invitation) of the Family (Da’wat dhul-Ashirah). In the first of these hadiths, the Prophet is reputed to have said that for whomever he was the mawla, Ali was also his or her mawla. But the word mawla has a number of meanings in Arabic.

Their origins are both centuries old and recent. These disputes have resulted in a number of prolonged armed struggles and devastating wars, with many more to come unless reconciliation and fundamental political, social, and economic reforms are adopted, and adopted soon. While there may be little indication of a more just, peaceful, and productive future for the region, we argue that there is hope, because the essence of most conflicts—irrespective of their origins—has evolved into a struggle over power, control, preferential access to, and distribution of resources, which is something that can be addressed today for the greater good through foundational political, social and economic reforms.

In 2003, there was another border agreement covering Eastern Uqaydat and Darah, settling the final border delineation between the two countries. 36 CATALOGUE OF CONF L ICT S 13 Several violent confrontations ensued over the partially undefined border between Oman and South Yemen. Following the unification of North and South Yemen in 1978–1980, a joint Omani-Yemeni committee was established to demarcate final borders between the two states. In May 1997, the committee finalized its recommendations and the two countries agreed to construct a major road along the new border to facilitate trade and transit.

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