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Contents Articles Frederic R. Kellogg: Hobbes, Holmes, and Dewey: Pragmatism and the matter of Order Brian E. Butler: Dews, Dworks, and Poses come to a decision Lochner Sor-hoon Tan: Our nation wrong or right: a practical reaction to Anti-Democratic Cultural Nationalism in China Stephen Harris: Antifoundationalism and the dedication to lowering pain in Rorty and Madhyamaka Buddhism Eric Thomas Weber: On making use of Ethics: who is scared of Plato's Cave? William Gavin, Stefan Neubert, and Kersten Reich: Language and Its Discontents: William James, Richard Rorty, and Interactive Constructivism Matthew J. Brown: actual difficulties and the importance of technological know-how Robert Chodat: Evolution and clarification: Biology, Aesthetics, Pragmatism Joseph Margolis: Pragmatism's destiny: a marginally of Prophecy Review Essay Brian E. Butler: Sen's The notion of Justice: again to the (Pragmatic) destiny Book Reviews Tibor Solymosi: Review of Jay Schulkin. Cognitive version: A Pragmatist viewpoint

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We find ourselves instead awash in the Great Society, where the conception of “black community” that once informed notions of racial obligation and ideas about general racial advancement persist primarily in nostalgic longings for a time passed or in invocations of a politics formed in a context in which such notions of community actually made sense. But under present conditions this idea of black community and its attendant notions of group interests obscure the complex experiences that inform the varied political commitments and interests of African Americans, blocking the way to the formation of a black public more reflective of current conditions of living.

Nevertheless, if I live in a generally law-abiding society then it is safe to say that the social resources that are available to me as a law-abiding citizen will be greater than those that are available to me as an outlaw. As Dewey puts it, “the robber band cannot act flexibly with other groups; it can act only by isolating itself,” whereas “a good citizen finds his conduct as a member of a political group enriching and enriched by his participation in family life, industry, scientific, and artistic associations” 38 ERIC MACGILVRAY (328).

In particular, I will have to come up with a theory that explains why the problematic situation that I am facing has arisen and suggests how it might be solved, and I will then have to act in such a way that this theory can be tested in practice. Maybe I could not turn the key because I was using the wrong one, or maybe this is not my car. Maybe the car lurched and died because I forgot to 36 ERIC MACGILVRAY engage the clutch, or maybe something is wrong with the engine. Maybe this is a one-way street, or maybe people drive on the opposite side of the road in this country.

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