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By Derek M. C. Yuen

Because the People's Republic's doubtless inexorable upward push to fiscal and armed forces strength keeps, by no means has the necessity for a greater snatch of chinese language strategic proposal by way of the West been extra acute. In Deciphering solar Tzu, Derek Yuen seeks to reclaim for the reader the hidden contours and misplaced chinese language and Taoist contexts of sunlight Tzu's popular treatise The paintings of War, a literary vintage and arguably essentially the most influential books ever written. He additionally explains its old, philosophical, strategic, and cross-cultural significance.

His accomplished research of solar Tzu, according to a detailed analyzing of the chinese language resources, additionally reconstructs the philosophy, Taoist technique and worldview that successfully shape the cornerstones of chinese language strategic pondering, that are arguably as suitable at the present time as at any second in history.

Yuen's leading edge examining and research of sunlight Tzu inside of and from a chinese language context is a brand new approach of imminent the strategic master's major ideas, which he compares with these of Clausewitz, Liddell-Hart and different Western strategists.

Deciphering solar Tzu bargains illuminating research and contextualization of The paintings of War in a fashion that has lengthy been sought by means of Western readers and opens new technique of attending to grips with chinese language strategic concept.

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In fact, Clausewitz and Sun Tzu are in many ways best read together as complementary texts, and combining the two into an informal general theory may be sufficient on some occasions. But such an approach lacks an overall scheme that can correctly identify the scope and key components of a general theory. In this respect, the Four Schools offer a much better conceptual framework; they are better balanced than Sun Tzu and have a more strategic orientation than Clausewitz. Since the original purpose in setting up the Four Schools was to categorize all existing military and strategic works in the Han period, this necessarily included several less useful, even outdated works, such as those from the School of Yin and Yang regarding spirits and divinatory practices.

3 Second, the text containing a chapter entitled “The Questions of Wu,” which is omitted from the thirteen chapters of The Art of War, serves as further evidence regarding the chronology of The Art of War. e. 4 â•… However important these developments may have been, no significant breakthroughs have since taken place in terms of Western research on Sun Tzu. But this is not the case in China, where new evidence has been uncovered that has the potential to change the paradigm through which Sun Tzu is studied.

42 This is what is meant by “being formless,” and such logic can best be demonstrated by yin and yang. Hence the level of Heaven and Earth is about the attainment of formlessness or “oneness” through fully grasping the logic of yin and yang. In T’ai-tsung’s words: [A]ttacking and defending are one! 43 â•… Echoing T’ai-tsung, Li Ching believes the attainment rises above knowledge and directly involves one’s mindset: If in attack you do not understand defending, and in defending you do not understand attacking, but instead not only make them into two separate affairs, but also assign responsibility for them to separate offices, then even though the mouth recites the words of Sun-tzu and Wu-tzu, the mind has not thought about the mysterious subtleties of the discussion of the equality of attack and defense.

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