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A dramatic tackle added at the verge of Israels access into the land of Canaan, Deuteronomy has been defined as a ebook "on the boundary." Ted Woods expounds its all-encompassing imaginative and prescient and indicates how the Israelites have been exhorted to make its phrases the interpreter in their life's tale in the land "beyond the Jordan." This thoroughly new quantity replaces the former editon of Deuteronomy within the Tyndale remark sequence written by means of J. A. Thompson.

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As such, it also concludes Moses' first address (chs. r - 4), while also serving as 'reading instructions' for the rest o f the book (Nelson 2002: 60). This includes a summary of past, present and future history, especially as this will relate to future idolatrv within the land ' eventual exile and return, made possible by God's grace (vv. 253 r ). 26 This passage anticipates 3 0: r -r o , especially with the language of return with allyour heart and with allyour soul (4:29; cf. 3 0:2, 6, r o).

47 J '-; T R Cl D L C: T f CJ '-; structure. Also, the use of treaty/law-code ideas and structure does not begin with Deuteronomy. They have a partial echo and prece­ dent in the book of Exodus, especially within the Sinai covenant o f chap ters r9 - 24 (1 9:3 -8; 2o:r -r 7; 20:22 - 23 :1 9 Uaw code] ; 24:3 8; Thompson 1 964: z. r -22). Then following Deuteronomy, the renewal of covenant at Shechem by Joshua himself Gosh. 24:1-27) follows a treaty-like pattern on a small scale. This cumulative evidence indicates that treaty/law-code concepts were not only part of the Lord's own way o f communicating his covenant with Israel from the beginning, but were most likely part o f a common stock of treaty/law-code language within the Ancient Near Eastern world.

Th, Olson (1994) breaks fresh ground in findingfive head­ ings ( l: l ; 4:44; 6: l ; 29: l ; 33: l ) as the key for grasping the book's overall literary shape and the interrelationship of its parts. g. chs. l - 4; 5; 6 - 28; 29 - 32; 33 34), but is strategically placed in such a way that it unites all the parts together. However, while Moses' death and Joshua's succession are an important part of Deuteronomy's structure, especially in the outer frames of chapters l - 3 and 3 l - 34, this is not especially apparent in Olson's 'blueprint' for chapter 5, and also in chapters 6 - 28.

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