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Refining (beating)  Colouring materials – pigments and dyes – are used for colouring/whitening. From the hydrapulper, the stock is pumped through a series of cone refiners. The fibres are teased apart, separated and fibrillated so that their walls collapse and become fragmented. This makes the fibres spread and absorb more water, enabling them to bond more readily on the wire of the paper making machine at the next stage. The papermaking After stock preparation, the treated liquid suspension is ready to be released on to the machine paper machine.

There will be good opportunities in inkjet where there is more competition and open markets for many print lines. For laser printing many of the high volume devices are supplied with a consumable contract, where the manufacturer of the machine supplies specific toner, often in proprietary packaging, and there is no open market. This is unlikely to change as laser printers have good patent protection and are investing heavily. Xerox has invested €80 million in a new toner production plant near Rochester, UK, to manufacture its next-generation emulsion aggregation (EA) toner.

The Environmental Protection Act is one instrument affecting the printer but increasing pressure is also coming from new and impending EC legislation. Both printers and publishers need to be aware of the listings of many hazardous substances (including inks and some chemicals used in printing) that must not be discharged into rivers or sewers. It is wise to assume that most of the inks and chemicals used in printing or prepress departments should not be discharged into public waterways. Printers will categorise ink according to the following criteria:  Ink type.

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