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By Stanley Jablonski

This best-selling transportable source offers authoritative definitions for all the scientific acronyms and abbreviations you could count on to come across in drugs this day. the recent, fifth version positive factors 10,000 thoroughly new entries reflecting the newest advancements in healthiness care-including new medical trials, new applied sciences, and new advances. Highlights comprise the most recent virus nomenclature, machine expertise, scientific informatics, and molecular biology, in addition to extra from the ever-expanding record of companies and institutions. it's also a CD-ROM that makes the content material obtainable through laptop. what is extra, a hand held software program model is accessible on CD-ROM-sold individually, or in a money-saving package deal including the ebook.

  • Features a concise, pocket-sized layout that's effortless to hold, effortless to refer to, and straightforward to have the funds for.
  • Delivers the entire authority readers anticipate from the writer of Dorland's Illustrated clinical Dictionary.
  • Offers 10,000 brand-new entries encompassing all the most modern acronyms and abbreviations from each entrance in well-being care.
  • Includes a CD-ROM that makes the content material available through computing device.
  • Is to be had individually on CD-ROM as software program for many hand-held units, and in a money-saving package deal including the book.

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Antitoxineinheit]; apoenzyme; aryepiglottic; atherosclerotic encephalopathy; atrial ectopic [heart beat]; avian encephalomyelitis A&E accident and emergency [department] A+E accident and emergency [department]; analysis and evaluation A/E above elbow [amputation] AEA acquired epileptic aplasia; alcohol, ether, and acetone [solution] AEB acute erythroblastopenia; avian erythroblastosis AEC aminoethylcarbazole; ankyloblepharon, ectodermal defects, and cleft lip [syndrome]; at earliest convenience; Atomic Energy Commission; automatic exposure control AECB acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis AECD allergic eczematous contact dermatitis AECE-6-AZUMP 5-[2-(aminoethyl) carbamyl]-6-azauridine-5′monophosphate AECGM ambulatory electrocardiography monitoring AECS acute exacerbation of chronic sinusitis AED academic emergency department; antiepileptic drug; antihidrotic ectodermal dysplasia; anxious ego dissolution; automated external defibrillator AEDP automated external defibrillator pacemaker AEE Atomic Energy Establishment AEF allogenic effect factor; amyloid enhancing factor; aorto-enteric fistula AEFB aerobic endospore-forming bacterium AEFF effective area AEFI adverse events following immunization AEFV acceleration of early flow velocity AEG acute erosive gastritis; air encephalography, air encephalogram; atrial electrogram AEGIS Aid for the Elderly in Government Institutions AEI arbitrary evolution index; atrial emptying index; atrial escape interval AEL acute erythroleukemia AELV avian entero-like virus AEM Academic Emergency Medicine [journal]; ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring; analytical electron microscopy; ataxia episodica with myokymia; avian encephalomyelitis AEMG abdominal electromyography AEMIS Aerospace and Environmental Medicine Information System AEMK ataxia episodica with myokymia A-EMT advanced emergency medical technician AEN anal epithelial neoplasia; aseptic epiphyseal necrosis AEP acute edematous pancreatitis; artificial endocrine pancreas; auditory evoked potential; average evoked potential AEq age equivalent AER abduction/external rotation; acoustic evoked response; acute exertional rhabdomyolysis; agranular endoplasmic reticulum; albumin excretion rate; aldosterone excretion rate; apical ectodermal ridge; auditory evoked response; average electroencephalic response; average evoked response AERE Atomic Energy Research Establishment Aero Aerobacter AERP aircrew air and respiratory protection; antegrade effective refractory period; atrial effective refractory period; auditory event related potential AERPAP antegrade effective refractory period accessory pathway AERS acute equine respiratory syndrome AES acetone-extracted serum; ambulatory encounter system; American Electroencephalographic Society; American Encephalographic Society; American Endocrine Society; American Endodontic Society; American Epidemiological Society; American Equilibration Society; anterior esophageal sensor; anti-embolic stockings; antral ethmoidal sphenoidectomy; aortic ejection sound; Auger's electron spectroscopy; auto-erythrocyte sensitization AEs adverse events AesoNPV Aedes sollicitans nucleopolyhedrovirus AEST aeromedical evacuation support team AET absorption-equivalent thickness; S-(2-aminoethyl) isothiuronium AETT acetylethyltetramethyltetralin AEV arthritis encephalitis virus; avian encephalomyelitis-like virus; avian erythroblastosis virus AeV Antheraea eucalypti virus AEZ acrodermatitis enteropathica, zinc deficient AF abnormal frequency; acid-fast; actin filament; active force; adult female; afebrile; affected female; aflatoxin; albumin-free; albumose-free; alcoholic female; aldehyde fuchsin; amaurosis fugax; aminofluorine; aminophylline; amniotic fluid; angiogenesis factor; anteflexion; anterior fontanelle; antibody-forming; anti-fog; aortic flow; Arthritis Foundation; artificial feeding; ascitic fluid; atrial fibrillation; atrial flutter; atrial fusion; attenuation factor; attributable fraction; audio frequency aF abfarad af audio frequency AFA acromegaloid facial appearance [syndrome]; advanced first aid; alcohol-formaldehyde-acetic acid [fixative] AFAFP amniotic fluid alpha-fetoprotein AFAR American Foundation for Aging Research AFASAK Atrial Fibrillation, Aspirin, Anticoagulation [trial] AFB acid-fast bacillus; aflatoxin B; aflatoxin biomarker; air fluidized bed; aortofemoral bypass AFBAC affected family-based control test AFBG aortofemoral bypass graft AFC adult foster care; alternative forced choice; amplitude frequency characteristics; antibody-forming cell AFCAPS Air Force Coronary Atherosclerosis Prevention Study AFCI acute focal cerebral ischemia AFCR American Federation for Clinical Research AfCVd Apple fruit crinkle viroid AFD accelerated freeze drying; acrofacial dysostosis AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFDH American Fund for Dental Health AFDM adaptive focus deformable model AFDSM adaptive focus deformable statistical model AFDW ash-free dry weight AFE amniotic fluid embolism afeb afebrile AFEDI Association Francophone Europeene des Infirmiers [Canada] AFF atrial fibrillation and flutter; atrial filling fraction aff afferent AFFIRM Atrial Fibrillation Follow-Up Investigation of Rhythm Management AFFN acrofrontofacionasal [dysostosis] AFG aflatoxin G; amniotic fluid glucose; arbitrary function generator aFGF acidic fibroblast growth factor AFH angiofollicular hyperplasia; anterior facial height AFI amaurotic familial idiocy; Atrial Fibrillation Investigators [1993 pooled study] AFib atrial fibrillation AFIB Atrial Fibrillation Investigation with Bidisomide [trial] AFIB/FL atrial fibrillation/flutter AFIP Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies AFIRME antagonist of the fibrinogen receptor after myocardial events AFIS amniotic fluid infection syndrome AFL antifibrinolysin; artificial limb; atrial flutter AFLNH angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia AFLP acute fatty liver of pregnancy; amplified fragment length polymorphism AFM aflatoxin M; after fatty meal; American Federation of Musicians; atomic force microscopy AFMA automated fabrication of modality aids AFMU 5-acetylamino-6-formylamino-3-methyluracil AFN afunctional neutrophil; antegrade femoral nail AFNC Air Force Nurse Corps AFND acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis AFO ankle/foot orthotic [brace or cast]; ankle-foot orthosis AFORMED alternating failure of response, mechanical, [to] electrical depolarization AFP acute flaccid paralysis; alpha-fetoprotein; anterior faucial pillar; atypical facial pain AFPP acute fibropurulent pneumonia AFQ aflatoxin Q AFR aqueous flare response; ascorbic free radical AFRAX autism-fragile X [syndrome] AFRD acute febrile respiratory disease AFRI acute febrile respiratory illness AFROC Association for Freestanding Radiation Oncology Centers AFS acquired or adult Fanconi syndrome; alternative financing system; American Fertility Society; antifibroblast serum AFSAM Air Force School of Aviation Medicine AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees AFSM adaptive Fourier series modeling AFSP acute fibrinoserous pneumonia AFT aflatoxin; agglutination-flocculation test AFTA American Family Therapy Association AFTER Anistreplase Following Thrombolysis Effect on Reocclusion [study]; Aspirin/Anticoagulants Following Thrombolysis with Eminase in Recurrent Infarction [study]; Aspirin/Anticoagulants Following Thrombolysis with Eminase Results [study] AFTN autonomously functioning thyroid nodule AFV amniotic fluid volume; aortic flow velocity; Aspergillus foetidus virus AFV-F Aspergillus foetidus virus F AFV-S Aspergillus foetidus virus S AFX atypical fibroxanthoma AG abdominal girth; acidophilic granulocyte; agarose; aminoglutethimide; analytical grade; angular gyrus; anion gap; antigen; antigenomic; antiglobulin; antigravity; atrial gallop; attached gingiva; autograft; axiogingival; azurophilic granule AG, A/G albumin-globulin [ratio] Ag antigen; silver [Lat.

Auris laeva] AL angiographic area of lateral projection Al allantoic; allergic, allergy; aluminum al left ear [Lat. auris laeva] ALA amebic liver abscess; American Laryngological Association; American Lung Association; aminolevulinate; aminolevulinic acid; axiolabial ALa axiolabial Ala alanine ala alanine AL-Ab antilymphocyte antibody ALAD abnormal left axis deviation ALAD, ALA-D aminolevulinic acid dehydrase ALADH delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase ALADP aminolevulinic acid dehydrogenase deficiency porphyria ALAG, ALaG axiolabiogingival A-LAK adherent lymphokine-activated killer [cell] ALAL, ALaL axiolabiolingual ALAO angiographic area of left anterior oblique projection AlaP, ala-P alafosfalin ALARA as low as reasonably achievable [radiation exposure] ALARM adjustable leg and ankle repositioning mechanism ALARP as low as reasonably possible ALAS delta-aminolevulinate synthase ALASH delta-aminolevulinate synthase, housekeeping type ALAT alanine aminotransferase ALB albumin; avian lymphoblastosis alb albumin; white [Lat.

ADFVd Apple dimple fruit viroid AD/FHD acetabular depth/femoral head diameter ADFN albinism-deafness [syndrome] ADFR activate, depress, free, repeat [coherence therapy] ADFS alternative delivery and financing system AD-FSP autosomal dominant familial spastic paraplegia ADG ambulatory diagnostic group; atrial diastolic gallop; axiodistogingival ADH Academy of Dentistry for the Handicapped; adhesion; alcohol dehydrogenase; antidiuretic hormone; arginine dihydrolase; atypical ductal hyperplasia adh adhesion, adhesive; antidiuretic hormone ADHA American Dental Hygienists Association ADH/CA atypical ductal hyperplasia with adjacent ductal cancer ADHD attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder ADHDP action-dependent dual heuristic programming ADI Academy of Dentistry International; acceptable daily intake; AIDS-defining illness; allowable daily intake; alternating direction implicit; alternating directions implicit [method]; artificial diverticulum of the ileum; atlas-dens interval; autism diagnostic interview; average daily intake; axiodistoincisal adj adjacent; adjoining; adjuvant ADK adenosine kinase ADKC atopic dermatitis with keratoconjunctivitis ADL active digital library; activities of daily living; advanced distributed learning; Amsterdam Depression List; annual dose limit ADLAR advanced design linear accelerator radiosurgery ADLC antibody-dependent lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity ad lib as desired [Lat.

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