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By Lester L. Grabbe

Is the Bible a Hellenistic ebook? The essays during this quantity reply to that difficult query, formulated via Niels Peter Lemche, and provide every little thing from certified contract to vociferous competition. In so doing, they debate and light up the numerous good points of Jewish writing within the moment Temple interval, together with not just the scriptures themselves and their very own historical past, however the non-canonized literature of the past due Second-Temple interval. as with every the volumes during this pioneering sequence, the editor, Lester Grabbe, introduces and displays upon the dialogue and its implications for the most debatable themes in present bible study.

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In my view the books of Chronicles presuppose the Pentateuch too. 30 I think that can be an argument not only for the existence of the text but also for the 'canonical' authority of the Pentateuch at the end of the Persian or the beginning of the Hellenistic period. /Dtr. 31 And if we date Ezra's mission (Ezra 7) to the seventh year of Artaxerxes II (398 BCE), his execution of the 'law of God of Heaven' can be interpreted as the event that finished the canonical process of the Pentateuch. However, these arguments are not unambigious, I admit.

And had—in the eyes of a Greek—an unnatural (dTidvOpcoTcov) and intolerant (uioo^evov) touch (§4), and the—ideal—custom to distribute equal allottments of land to all private citizens and to prohibit them from selling their individual plots in order to prevent the oppression of the poorer classes (§7, cf. Lev. 25, esp. v. 29). These details are astonishingly reliable. How can this contradiction be explained? The reliable details make it 42 Did Moses Speak Attic ? highly probable that Hecataeus used some authentic Jewish information, maybe in a written or in a oral form.

J. Brill, 1987), pp. 1-13. However, it must be noted that the picture drawn of Moses also differs from the role of a Greek oiKiOTtip in so far as his mission to found Jerusalem is not induced by a divine oracle and he is not venerated by the colony in a founder's cult after his death. 34. 183204, is totally reworked by Jews, cf. ), Greek and Latin Authors, I, pp. 2124, 35-44. 35. So rightly M. Stern and O. Murray, 'Hecataeus of Abdera and Theophrastus on Jews and Egyptians', JEA (1973), pp. 159-68; and Mendels, 'Hecataeus of Abdera', pp.

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