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By Valerie Polakow

Denmark is among the so much innovative international locations by way of relations aid regulations. This e-book, besides the fact that, unearths a backdrop of reduced rights, inequalities and kin violence within the lives of weak lone moms. if so in Denmark, what's the scenario in different nations, together with the united states, the united kingdom and different european member states? lowered rights is a special qualitative learn that files the day-by-day lives of weak lone moms and their teenagers in Denmark. lack of rights, gender and ethnic inequality, and family members violence all come to be key issues, with far-reaching foreign implications. The publication: *· offers bright case tales to light up the voices and reports of the ladies interested in the research *· identifies lone moms as a part of an rising post-modern underclass in Denmark *· highlights the irritating incidence of household violence that pervades many lone moms' lives *· increases questions round criminal and baby custody rights and the shortcoming of redress in a patriarchal justice method. coverage and perform options are made with wide-ranging functions for a global viewers of coverage makers, practitioners and teachers.

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Diminished rights

Denmark is likely one of the such a lot innovative nations when it comes to relations help regulations. This booklet, despite the fact that, unearths a backdrop of reduced rights, inequalities and family members violence within the lives of weak lone moms. if that is so in Denmark, what's the state of affairs in different nations, together with the us, the united kingdom and different european member states?

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I complained to the doctor but he said the vaccination couldn’t be the cause ... but Jon’s development changed, his whole way of behaving changed, his language did not come back until he was three-and-ahalf years old ... he started day care and they kept saying Jon had problems ... he had difficulties in a group – they didn’t do anything about it ... even more fights and conflicts appeared ... no one could touch him or say something to him or change his play ... otherwise he would go bananas ...

And he had just got a pair of shoes ... he screamed ... he wanted that feta cheese ... he went crazy ... he wanted that feta cheese right now ... he cried aloud and he made me cry in the store ... screamed and called me a fat woman and whore ... I told him to go outside and wait ... then today I discovered I had a peach in my bag, and I gave it to him but that was not what he wanted so he screamed and went crazy ... then out of the store ... ” While Gina has made Jon ‘her priority’ and has struggled to cope with his needs and behaviour problems, she readily acknowledges that, “I haven’t been able to manage very well, no matter how much I’ve tried ...

It is the worst thing that has happened in my life when my father and 34 Struggling against the odds mother separated. I still hope it will be possible to be a family together again. ” Hanne and Søren Hanne’s pregnancy and Søren’s early infancy were fraught with multiple traumas – Hanne’s shock of witnessing a murder, premature labour, a court trial, and Søren’s chronic health problems, necessitating three hernia operations. During one of the operations Søren did not wake up from the anaesthesia, and Hanne had him baptized for fear he would die.

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