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By Jeremy Schipper

This targeted interdisciplinary e-book makes use of a clean method of discover problems with incapacity within the Hebrew Bible. It examines how incapacity capabilities within the David tale (1 Samuel sixteen; I Kings 2) by way of paying certain cognizance to Mephibosheth, the one biblical personality with a incapacity as a sustained personality trait. The David tale includes a number of the Bible's such a lot amazing photos of disability.

Nonetheless, interpreters are likely to concentrate on felony fabric instead of narratives while learning incapacity within the Hebrew Bible. usually, they forget the David Story's complicated use of incapacity. They fail to remember its use of incapacity imagery as open to serious interpretation simply because its stereotypical meanings could seem so average and obvious. but contemporary paintings within the burgeoning box of incapacity reviews offers incapacity as a classy motif that calls for extra severe engagement than it often receives.

Informed through interesting advancements within the box, it argues that the David tale employs incapacity imagery as a sophisticated mode of narrating and organizing a number of ideological positions relating to nationwide id.

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Mitchell and Snyder, Narrative Prosthesis, 17–18. 56. , 20. 57. , 21. 58. , 22. ’—The Portrayal of Disability in the Crime-Mystery Genre,” Policy Studies Journal 15 (1987): 487–513. 1 1. 59 For example, such images would highlight a wheelchair user’s negotiation of architectural barriers such as staircases, and prominently display support technologies such as respirator tubing rather than hiding them. Regarding narratives in the Hebrew Bible, the social realist may point out that the terse prose generally suppresses the negotiation of physical barriers and the support technology that biblical characters with disabilities would need to employ.

William Shakespeare, Richard III [The character with disabilities’] wound is not only the visible manifestation of his condition, it is also the symbolic correlative of the existence. Without it, he does not exist—indeed, he cannot exist. Accident is essence, where the cripple in literature is concerned. And his accident claims not only the totality of his condition as a man but the attention of the audience. —Leonard Kriegel, “The Cripple in Literature” In this chapter, I survey representative interpretations of Mephibosheth.

Generally speaking, society no longer assigns many hyperbolic meanings to my body. The gradual slippage in my public identity between “disabled” and “able-bodied” has influenced my understanding of disability as socially constructed. This is not to deny the biological reality of my disability, but rather to acknowledge the fact that none of the social meanings assigned to it are inherent properties of cerebral palsy. ) The shifting nature of the meaning(s), or lack thereof, assigned to my body is a major influence on the way I read Mephibosheth’s character.

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