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73** 8. 84** -- 9. 001, one-tailed. 05). 0001). 04. To clarify the nature of the three-way interaction, the direction of the Cognitive Set X Relational Discontent interactions were calculated in additional regression analyses at low and high levels of social comparison orientation. 56, ns). As shown in Figure 3, the three-way interaction is similar to that found in Study 2. Inspection of the slopes of the standardized form of the equation revealed that the relation between discontent and satisfaction was significant and negative in all conditions.

All participants were instructed to generate at least five reasons of the specified type they could think of. The rest of the page was left blank except for the lines on which they were asked to write down each new reason. As Study 1 was not a computer-administered experiment, participants could not be instructed to enter the five most important reasons into the computer. Therefore, the next page of the booklet contained the instruction to arrange the listed reasons according to importance, by adding a number to each reason (a 1 for the most important reason, and so on).

One hundred and twelve participants showed up for their scheduled follow-up session in the laboratory. Two participants reported that they were no longer involved in relationships with their original partners and were dropped from the sample. Therefore, the final sample consisted of 110 University of II. Consequences of downward comparison 39 Groningen undergraduates (74 women, and 36 men). Ninety-four were involved in dating relationships, 14 participants were cohabiting, and 2 were married. 4 years.

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