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By Mr Gary Skinner;Mr Robin Harbord;Mr Ed Lees

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G . triceps in the arm. Remember that m u s c l e s c a n't stretch themselves. It is the pull Each skeletal muscle i s a bundle of millions of muscle cells called fibres. Each muscle created by the contraction of the cell may be several centimetres long and contains several nuclei. It conta ins m a n y antagonistic muscle that stretches a m u s c l e when it is in a relaxed state. myofibrils which are made up of the fibrous proteins actin (thin fi l a ments) and myosin (thick fila ments) The cell surface membrane of a muscle cell is known as the sarcolemma The sarcoplasmic reticulum is a specia l i sed endoplasmic retic u l u m which c a n store and release ca l c i u m ions.

And then you can put it into word� in the exam. T memory cells a B-cells & cytokines cytckines - 0 Antigen presentation T helper cell 0�'§" bacteri� 1. The B ce ll finds an antigen which matches its receptors. antibodies 4. Plasma cells produce antibodies that a ttach to the current type of invader. / (__ =/ . :::) ::,.. -\&, )) "'----.. (' 1. __.. _ Aphagocyte memory cells. destroys a the surface of the bacterium. phagocyte. _ . --::... ;,, 2. by� T helper cell e T h lper cell It waits until it is activated - bacteria memory celt \\ ;0 a· y""D \ -.

Decay and Describe how to estimate time of death in decomposition a mammal using information from insect ,- ;� ""�. : L020 colonisation, muscle state and body temperature. Describe how micro-organisms are involved in Describe the way in which DNA profiling 0 D LOS 0 D L06 0 0 L07 0 D L03 0 0 L02 0 D L04 0 0 L08 0 D L011 0 0 L012 0 D L013 D D L014 D D L015 D D L010 D D L016 D D L017 D D L018 D D L019 D D ( fingerprinting) can be used to work out genetic relationships in living things.

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