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By Igor N. Toptygin

Sleek electrodynamics in numerous media is a large department of electrodynamics which mixes the precise concept of electromagnetic fields within the presence of electrical fees and currents with statistical description of those fields in gases, plasmas, drinks and solids; dielectrics, conductors and superconductors. it really is primary in physics and in different traditional sciences (such as astrophysics and geophysics, biophysics, ecology and evolution of terrestrial climate), and in numerous technological functions (radio electronics, expertise of synthetic fabrics, laser-based technological tactics, propagation of bunches of fees debris, linear and nonlinear electromagnetic waves, etc.). Electrodynamics of subject is predicated at the distinctive primary (microscopic) electrodynamics yet is supplemented with particular descriptions of electromagnetic fields in quite a few media utilizing the tools of statistical physics, quantum mechanics, physics of condensed topic (including concept of superconductivity), actual kinetics and plasma physics.
This e-book offers in a single designated quantity a scientific description of the most electrodynamic phenomena in matter:
- a wide number of theoretical techniques utilized in describing numerous media
- quite a few vital manifestations of electrodynamics in topic (magnetic fabrics, superconductivity, magnetic hydrodynamics, holography, radiation in crystals, solitons, etc.)
- an outline of the purposes utilized in diverse branches of physics and lots of different fields of ordinary sciences
- Describes the total complexity of electrodynamics in topic together with fabric at diversified degrees.
- orientated in the direction of 3-4 12 months bachelors, masters, and PhD scholars, in addition to lectures, and engineers and scientists operating within the field.
- The reader will desire a easy wisdom of normal physics, greater arithmetic, classical mechanics and microscopic (fundamental) electrodynamics on the normal college level
- All examples and difficulties are defined intimately within the textual content to assist the reader tips on how to remedy problems
- complex difficulties are marked with one asterisk, and the main complex ones with asterisks. a few difficulties are prompt to be solved first, and are are marked by way of crammed dots; they're extra common and demanding or include effects utilized in different problems.

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16). 2 To calculation of the density of bound charges in a dielectric. 3 To calculation of magnetization current. 4 To calculation of an electric field of polarized sphere. 60)). 3). The magnetization current Jint through the surface S bounded by contour l is due to those closed elementary currents that are pierced by this contour. The remaining currents either cross the surface S twice or do not cross it at all, and, hence, do not contribute to Jint . The segment dl of the contour crosses s(n⋅dl)N molecular currents on average and makes the contribution dJint = is(n⋅dl)N = cM⋅dl to the total current.

The average kinetic energy W k can be found from the theorem on uniform energy distribution over degrees of freedom. Since the rotator has two degrees of freedom, W k = T. Substituting Equations (4) and (2) in Equation (1), we find ???? = 0. 15) according to which the total magnetic moment of a body obeying the classical statistics is zero. A nonzero magnetic moment will only be obtained assuming discrete electron orbits in atoms. However, such an assumption goes beyond the scope of the classical theory.

KB T Equation (3) can therefore be written in the form (5) △???? = ???? 2 ????. The potential ???? can depend only on distance r to the ion under consideration. The spherically symmetric solution of Equation (5) is e−????r e????r + C2 . r r The potential cannot grow up at infinity, and hence, C2 = 0. The constant C1 is determined from the condition that at r ≪ 1∕???? it must become the purely Coulomb potential of the considered ion: ???? = C1 Ze C1 ????||r≪1∕???? = = , C1 = Ze. r r Thus, the ion is surrounded by a “cloud” of electrons and other ions.

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