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By Ray Kiely

This ebook examines the connection among US hegemony and modern globalisation. Many introductory textbooks on globalisation are typically simplistic and conservative. This publication strikes issues ahead, supplying a severe evaluation of the globalisation debate. Kiely unearths the weaknesses of globalisation idea, and argues that we will merely procedure a formal figuring out of the modern international order via linking globalisation to debates on capitalism, imperialism, neo-liberalism and common human rights. He explores US hegemony within the gentle of those matters, exhibiting how 'liberal internationalism' can't be separated from capitalism, neo-liberalism and US empire-building.Perfect for college students of globalisation and overseas reports, the e-book covers the subsequent matters: theories of globalisation and the connection among capitalism, neo-liberalism and globalisation; the query of country sovereignty, associations of world governance, liberal internationalism, cosmopolitanism, realism, imperialism, ‘September 11th’, the Bush II management and the conflict in Iraq; Bretton Woods, improvement, neo-Keynesian and neo-liberal capitalism, capital flows, debt, US hegemony and international finance, and worldwide poverty and inequality; cultural imperialism, Americanisation, common human rights, democracy and freedom, and cultural standardisation; and modern globalisation, US imperialism, and the query of innovative possible choices to ‘actually latest globalisation’.

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Instead, the argument will be made that neoliberal globalisation is intrinsically hierarchical and exploitative. Of course, we should not expect anything else from capitalism, whatever social gains may be made under this system. However, I will also argue that, in many respects, neoliberal globalisation constitutes a backward step from the gains made in the post-war period – and that, therefore, whatever the prospects for socialist alternatives to capitalism, it is simply illegitimate for globalisation theorists such as Giddens to take neoliberal capitalism for granted on the grounds that there is no alternative to it.

Rather than undermining states, I argue that globalisation is actually associated with the (still incomplete) universalisation of the system of nation-states. Having said that, there is a need to recognise that there has been a considerable increase in the number and role of international institutions, especially since 1945, and this is discussed in the second section. In the third section I examine some of the debates around global governance, and focus on whether these have led to – or at least opened up the possibility of – the promotion of genuinely multilateral governance, beyond the system of nationstates.

In one word, it creates a world after its own image. (Mark and Engels 1977: 37–8) Thus, for Marx globalisation is ultimately a product of the dynamism of the capitalist mode of production, which itself is a product of historically specific relations of production. These relations are based on the separation of labour from direct access to the means of production – that is, on the removal of producers from the land. This ongoing process was particularly common in England from the seventeenth century, and continues throughout the world to this day.

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