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By A.T. Fomenko

Those volumes which predicament mathematical statistical chronology signify a massive, exact paintings and are the 1st of its sort released within the English language.
A accomplished set of mathematical and statistical strategies is gifted for the research of chronological information. those contain, as major device, the skill to check texts and different sequential information and the facility to pass judgement on them by way of similarity and, as a result, closeness. those concepts represent a brand new vital pattern in utilized statistics.
Volume I concentrates normally at the improvement of the mathematical statistical instruments and their program to astronomical facts, together with the Almagest and simulated information (to try out the validity of the methods). tremendous fabric facing ancient facts and chronology is usually included.
Volume II concentrates at the program of those instruments to narrative texts and historical and medieval documents (such as Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, Greek, Babylonian, etc.). An fabulous wealth of historic facts is taken into account. The conclusions that are drawn in regards to the authorised chronological courting of occasions in historic background will surely galvanize controversy and critical debate. those volumes give you the precious historical past and fabric for clever participation in such debates.
For statisticians, historians, astronomers, archaeologists, and others with an curiosity within the integrity of old relationship and the capability to investigate this.

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D. (mainly, Eastern; see rule variations in [74], [288]) 1) Constantius II 324-361 (37) 2) Theodosius I 379-395 (16) 3) Arcadius 395-408 (13) 4) Theodosius II 408-450 (42) 5) Constantine III 407-411 (4) Donation of Constantine (4th c. ) of Rome 6) Leo I 457-474 {17). Restoration of "antiquity" under Carolingians (on the left) 7) Zeno 474-491 {17) 7) Lothair the Western 840-855 (15) 8) Charles the Bald 840-875 (35) 8) Theodoric 493-526 (33) 9) Louis the German 843-875 (32) 9) Anastasius 491-518 (27) 10) Louis II the Western 855-875 (20) 10) Odoacer 476-493 (17) 11) Charles the Fat 880-888 (8).

11. Statistical parallel between the kingdom of Judah and the Eastern Roman Empire Table 13 (Fig. 59) Kingdom of Judah (biblical) with capital in Jerusalem 10-7th c. C. ) 456-472, Zeno asks Theodoric of Goths for help 10) Anastasius 491-518 (27) 11) Two Justins: Justin I 518-527 and Justinian I 527-565 or 518-565 (47), suppression of Nika riot in New Rome, massacre 12) Five Emperors: Justin II, Tiberius II, Maurice, Phocas, Heraclius 565641 (76) 13) Constans II 642-668 (26), Arabian attacks 14) Constantine III 641-642 (1) 15) Constantine IV 668-685 (17) 16) Heraclius 641-642 (1) 16) Jeconiah (1) 17) Zedekiah (1), Pharaoh Nebuchad- 17) Justinian II, first rule 685-695 (10), wars of Empire, Arabs nezzar captures people (of Judah) 18) End of kingdom of Judah, Babylo- 18) Crisis at end of 7th c.

Separation of the Western from the Eastern empire Uuiah Invasion of Attila and anarchy Jotham (457-474) Leo I Ahaz (474-491) Zeno (491-518) Anastasills Insertion (78 years) 76 (4 killJS) +Amon (="they")(2 years). 5 emperors: Justin II + Tiberius II + Maurice + Phocas + Heraclius (565-641) Thus 5 kings (78 years) 17 (666-685) Constantine IV (Posonatus) (641-642) Heradion Zedekiah End of the kingdom of Judah, Babylonian captivity, Nebuchadnezzar Well-known crisis at the end of the 7th c. A. D. Disintegration of the Eastern Empire and anarchy This parallelism is secondary, and generated by the main one in Fig.

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